Social Media Is Considered 300% Less Effective Than This Surprisingly Common Digital Marketing Tactic

Bed and breakfast website

A campground should provide a well-rounded experience. People go camping for many different reasons, after all, and no park wants to risk losing out on potential repeat customers by providing a mediocre or limited experience. Your camping websites need to do the dual work of drawing people in while giving them the basic information they require to make a fulfilling decision. This means reaching RV park design standards all across the board, but also opting for a ‘less is more’ approach. Rather than being a series of complex rules, these are guidelines that will lead both business and customer to one another.

Take Advantage Of Modern Marketing Solutions

The days of print and paper aren’t quite over, but that doesn’t mean digital marketing is any less of a profound option for a modern business. A recent study by Outbrain revealed a rather interesting fact about social media. Rather than leading the pack, social media has fallen behind search engines by nearly 300%. What does that mean for your resort website design? That means search engine marketing, such as SEO, is the number one driver of traffic.

Turn To Search Engines To Guide Customers

Search engines are how most people interact with the Internet. This translates into looking for information, reviewing potential services and digging around for products. SEO, short for ‘search engine optimization’, is a means of advertising to customers without the more typical pitfalls that come with marketing tactics. Google processes over one trillion searches every single year and, according to 2015 data provided by company researchers, half of all smartphone users discovered a new product during a mobile search.

Stay Smart By Staying Mobile

You may not think there is much of a difference between digital marketing and mobile optimization, but the two go hand in hand. The process of searching should be as convenient and unobtrusive as possible to encourage the best possible first impression for potential customers. SEO leads are more affordable and more effective, with a 14% close rate. Over 30% of mobile searches are also related to a specific location, which is imperative for campground websites that want to reach out to nearby towns and cities.

Understand What Customers Are Always Looking For

Search engine optimization, mobile-friendly websites…they all add up to a neat and tidy experience for customers of all backgrounds, age groups and interests. Nothing brings people together more than a positive memory, that of which should be the most important goal of your campground marketing strategy. A 2008 study found the vast majority of customers (at 85%) using the Internet to find local businesses. Another 44% of shoppers will use a search engine to begin their search, whether the brand is nearby or not.

Your Website Is Your First And Strongest Chance At Success

Your own domain name and a decent SEO presence isn’t enough. Just like a pleasant campground filled with useful amenities and proximity to beautiful wildlife, a strong website needs to do it all. Travel website design is regularly reaching out to customers through a mixture of convenient methods (like mobile and SEO) and classic design approaches (such as minimalist color schemes). The average company will spend 25% of their total marketing budget on digital methods, whether it’s hiring a graphic designer or reaching out to social media experts.

Keep your customers’ confidence in your brand intact by giving them a reason to stay. Look over your website and pinpoint the missing pieces to ensure the best possible future for your campground.