Best Beaches in Hawaii

Beaches of maui

Maps of Maui can offer sightseers and tourists a map of the area so they do not get lost and can find their way around the town. Maps of Hawaii can sometimes even show the best hotels in Oahu, the best hotels in Maui and the beaches of Maui. Maps of Maui can show Napili Bay, which is a secluded cove beach with amazingly clear water. Maps of Maui can also show Ka’anapali Beach which is one of Hawaii’s most famous and popular beaches and is located in West Maui, just north of Lahaina.

Hawaii joined the Union on August 21, 1959 and is the newest state of the United States. The state is covered almost entirely of volcanic rock. It comprises hundreds of islands spread over 1,500 miles. The Hawaiian islands were and continue to be formed from volcanic activity that is started at an undersea magma source called a hotspot. Another location found on maps of Maui will show Haleakala, where the last volcanic eruption occurred on Maui before the 18th century, although it may have been even hundreds of years earlier.

In Oahu, Hanauma Bay is a snorkeling paradise. It is filled with colorful reefs, beautiful fish, and listless waves. Kahala Beach, Oahu is known as Honolulu’s urban secret beach and Lanikai Beach in Oahu lives up to its translated name meaning “heavenly sea.” The movie, From Here to Eternity contains a famous and romantic love scene which was filmed in Halona Cove, Oahu.
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