An American Summer Pasttime

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The Great Outdoors

It’s hard to beat a camping trip as a summer vacation. Americans love camping, in 2011 campers spent 534.9 million days out under the stars. This works out to an average of 12.6 days per person. Definitely not an adult’s only activity, 25.7% of campers are under 17, while 14.9% are between 6 and 12. The best childhood memories are made when there are brand new places to explore and no walls to block the imagination.

Where to go?

Campgrounds can be found everywhere, from the mountains of Montana to the coast of South Carolina to the plains campgrounds in South Dakota. If you don’t want to go far, it’s definitely possible to find somewhere near your home to pitch a tent. Even the backyard can be a fun get away. If you want an adventure, think of somewhere you have always wanted to go and explore. Find a camping site high in the mountains, or maybe somewhere along the Oregon Trail. Family camping resorts offer a nice balance of rustic charm and modern amenities. The possibilities for camping really are endless.

Camping Activities

Many family campgrounds offer great summer activities, such as boat rentals, pools, lakes, and sometimes even waterslides. Hiking has been reported as the most popular activity to participate in while camping, and if you are particularly adventurous a backpacking trip is a great way to test your hardiness. If hiking isn’t your thing, campgrounds may also have volleyball nets, basketball courts, or even courses for mini golf.

An American Pastime

There really is a type of camping for everyone. Whether you bring a camper or are content with cabin camping, bring a tent or even sleep right under the stars, you will still create wonderful memories at that camping site. Don’t think you need to do camping a certain way, do what sounds fun to you! The important thing is to spend time with your family and create memories.

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