Feed the Adventure Within By Getting Out and Going Tent Camping

Family camping vacations

There is plenty of adventure to be had, if you only make time for it. Society will have us believe that life should be about pursuing the ideal career, the highest dollar, the deepest wallet, fastest car and biggest house. But those who really take the time to understand what life is truly about will be rewarded with the experiences that really make it all worthwhile.

These are the types of people who might spontaneously decide to try skydiving, or try out a new hiking trail, or experiment with a new water sport. And one way to set out to get the most of the potential adventure that awaits you is to go tent camping in an area that offers multiple things to do and discover.

Finding the perfect tent camping spaces

About 70% of camping, whether it is tent camping or in a recreational vehicle, yurt, cabin, or other type of lodging, is done in public campgrounds. Many public campgrounds offer many attractive camping amenities, but the beauty of camping is that you can completely tailor it to what you want it to be. Looking for campgrounds with a pool, or lakeside campgrounds, or those that also have volleyball courts or good fishing holes? There are plenty of options to choose from. And about 87% of people who went camping took part in more than one outdoor adventure. Camping is the perfect way to launch a multitude of exciting activities and experiences!

The beauty of getting away from the bustle

While there are indeed so many people who participate in many different activities during their camping experience, about 47% of adults who responded to a camping survey said that they enjoy it for the simple act of camping alone. The rest of the outdoor adventures and opportunities end up being nice bonuses. But many claim that the main factor that urges them to head out for a camping trip is the attractive idea of camping itself. And can that really be a surprise? Getting out of the city, away from the chaos, and back to nature is a healing and extremely gratifying feeling.

From public wooded campgrounds to sites off the beaten trail
Gazing up at the stars, gathering to roast marshmallows or other snacks around the crackling fire, exploring the wilderness or making friends with nearby campers, the list of camping pros goes on and on. And with so many different types of sites to choose from, you will be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you want the middle of nowhere feeling while still being close to the comforts of civilization, or you really want to get away from it all, there is a campground or a forest just waiting for you to set up your tent.

The wilderness is calling to the wild inside you. Even if city life is usually your comfort bubble, there is at least a small part of you that yearns for the freedom of nature, for skies instead of ceilings and trees or fields instead of walls. Heed the call of the wild, pack up your tent, and set out on your very own adventure.

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