3 Health Benefits of Spending Your Vacation at the Beach

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A vacation is something that many people look forward to taking whenever possible. If you’ve been preparing for an upcoming vacation, you know there are many different types of trips that you can take. However, you’ll want to strongly consider the possibility of enjoying a vacation near the beach. Vacationing near a beach is the perfect way to experience a great time while also getting to relax. One reason Manhattan Beach tourism remains popular is because people love visiting beaches. However, you might be unaware that visiting the beach has significant health benefits. With that in mind, here are three reasons why taking a vacation to the beach is good for your health.

  1. Getting Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

    Staying at a hotel by the beach makes it easy to spend time underneath the sun. In fact, statistics show that 53% of people visiting a beach do so to sunbathe. With that in mind, sunbathing is a great way for your body to absorb optimal levels of vitamin D. While it’s true you can obtain vitamin D from certain foods and beverages, it’s often difficult to receive the optimal daily amount through only these sources. Instead, spending time outside is a much easier way for your body to receive this vitamin known for keeping your immune system as well as reducing risks for certain types of cancer.
  2. Visiting the Beach is Great for Reducing Stress

    One of the most popular reasons for someone to take a vacation is for stress relief. With that in mind, 53% of employed adults in the United States reported feeling refreshed after going on a vacation. Not all vacations are going to make you feel as relieved as others. If you’re looking to experience a relaxing vacation, you’ll want to book hotel reservations where a beach is in close proximity. Hotels by the beach ensure that guests don’t have to drive miles just to relax on the sand or spend time in refreshing ocean waters. Manhattan beach tourism continues to thrive because it provides guests with nearby access to a refreshing vacation destination. Hearing the waves crash in while viewing the beauty of the beach can help melt the stress away from you almost immediately.
  3. Water Activities are Great Forms of Exercise

    If you prefer your vacations to be filled with activities, the beach is a great destination. Many people prefer to visit the beach to relax. In fact, statistics show that 48% of those visiting the beach prefer to read a book. However, you’ll find that a beach is a great place to go if you prefer to get moving while on vacation. Many beaches feature opportunities to surf, swim, or play a round of beach volleyball. In addition, numerous studies have found swimming to be one of the most beneficial types of exercise for the human body.

To summarize, there are several beneficial reasons to consider traveling to the beach for an upcoming vacation. Spending time outdoors helps to ensure you receive your daily dose of vitamin D. Numerous studies have shown that vitamin D greatly reduces one’s risk of developing cancer as well as multiple sclerosis. Many people go on vacation to reduce stress associated with daily life. Considering that, spending time at the beach works well to reduce feelings of stress. However, Manhattan Beach tourism isn’t only popular for those seeking relaxation. There are plenty of great activities to take part in while at the beach including swimming, surfing, and playing a round of beach volleyball.

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