Planning a Trip? Consider the Benefits of Traveling by Motor Coach

Have you been planning a trip with friends or relatives and don’t want to travel by air? You can rent a charter bus and travel much more comfortably. Since there are so many welcome amenities when you rent a charter bus, there’s a good chance that this will become your favorite mode of travel.

Every year, people in the United States take about 751 million passenger trips on motor coaches. During some years, however, motor coaches transport more people to-and-from their destinations than even commercial airlines. Since there are over 14 million people that live in rural areas without access to public intercity transportation service, motor coaches are the only available means of public transportation for these residents when they want or need to travel out of the area.

It’s also important to note that motor coaches provide increased access for residents living in the city as well. In addition to there being five times the number of motor coach terminals as airports, there are six times more of these terminals than those for intercity rail. This is an added convenience for individuals and their families that prefer not to drive their own or a series of vehicles to a social gathering or business conference.

Charter buses can provide transportation for a variety of purposes. This includes airport shuttle and commuter services, sightseeing tours, and regularly scheduled routes. When a motor coach is at full capacity, it can potentially remove about 55 vehicles from the roads, highways, and freeways. This reduces congestion, energy usage, and emissions.

When people choose to travel by motor coach, these vehicles also receive better gas mileage for every passenger mile of fuel. Consider the following comparisons with other types of transportation:

  • Motor coaches: 206.6 passenger miles per gallon
  • Commuter rail: 92.4 passenger miles per gallon
  • Transit buses: 31.4 passenger miles per gallon
  • Domestic airplane: 44 passenger miles per gallon
  • Personal automobiles: 27.2 passengers miles per gallon
  • Hybrid cars: 46 miles per gallon

Whether you’re planning a trip by yourself or with friends, family, and colleagues, there are other benefits to motor coach travel. In addition to there being more leg room and reclining seats, motor coaches have mobile conference rooms and free WiFi. You can learn even more information when you contact a motor coach terminal near you.

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