How to Create a Guest Bedroom That feels like a Bed and Breakfast

Regardless of how small or large your spare bedroom is you can create a guest bedroom that delivers that BandB vibe. You can create a guest bedroom that is welcoming, comforting, and that looks amazing with just a few simple changes.

A lot of people make the mistake that their too small guest room does not offer the space that is needed to create a guest bedroom that can mimic the feel of a beautiful bed and breakfast. The fact is, you can transform any sized space into a welcoming retreat for your guests.

Address the Big Things First

If your budget is limited you will want to direct whatever funds you have to make sure that the guest bedroom is in good shape before you start decorating. For example, if the air conditioning is in need of repair and it is the middle of July, put your money into that.

Water damage from a faulty window can be repaired with a few coats of paint that are made especially to hide the damage. You do not have to take on replacing the windows right now but you do need to make any repairs to the windows.

If you can afford replacement windows that would be a good place to start on the overhaul of your guest bedroom, but don’t stress, if you cant. You can just take corrective measures to make sure it does not start raining in your guest bedroom while your guests are occupying it.

You do not have to start ripping out the flooring, or do anything too drastic to create a guest bedroom with a BandB feel, but you do have to address any issues that will affect the comfort level or safety of the room.

If you live in an older home, there is a good chance that asbestos was used in the materials to build the home. You do not necessarily have to hire a company for asbestos removal but you should take steps to cover any materials that you believe contain asbestos. Some of the more common building materials that contain asbestos include ceiling tiles (on dropped ceilings a 1970s favorite) certain floor tiles, and some insulation.

Make sure you have plenty of time to plan ahead so you can get any major work out of the way in other areas of the house as well. For example, get any lingering plumbing work done before the scheduled visit just to be sure that the whole house is in good condition.

Decorating Ideas on a Budget

You want to welcome your guests and make them feel right at home but your budget is a little on the lean side, that’s okay, you still have plenty of great affordable options available to create a guest bedroom that looks like you poured a lot of money into it.

One of the easiest ways and most affordable ways to transform a room is to paint it because paint is so inexpensive. You can paint an entire room including the ceiling and the trim for right around $100. Of course, that estimate is based on your doing the work yourself.

Choosing the right color to create a guest bedroom that is on track with the style you want is vital. Follow these tips to get a look that you will love:

  • Small spaces benefit from light colors. While it is true that painting a small space in a light color will make space feel larger, don’t be afraid to throw in that jewel-toned accent wall if you just love the richness of jewel tones.
  • Neutrals are always a good option. Neutral tones provide a relaxing backdrop. Consider light sage greens or light grays if you want a bit of color.
  • Avoid overly bright colors. You want your guests to relax, bright colors can keep them wide awake.

The paint will set the design tone for the room, do take the time to choose your paint carefully. Paint can help you to pick out the rest of the décor for your guest bedroom. For example, let’s say you decide on a nice neutral cream color, you can add pops of color with the accessories you choose for the room.

Accessories really will make the room. When you create a guest bedroom choosing the right accessories is a must. The accessories you choose will set the design of the room. Some of the accessories that you choose should be focused on providing comfort and design.

Use what you have. If you are decorating on a budget use the items you already have. For example, that old comforter can be turned into a brand new looking comforter by using a duvet cover. Duvet covers are about $30 and can easily make your comforter look brand new. The beauty of duvet covers is that you can switch out styles whenever you want, and do it on the cheap.

Bed and breakfasts are all about comfort. You can create a guest bedroom that is overflowing with comfort by adding plenty of fluffy pillows to the bed, investing in some brushed cotton sheets, and getting a duvet cover that adds a designer look.

To ensure your guests comfort consider these cheap décor ideas:

  • An overstuffed chair in the corner of the room with a reading lamp. A place to sit and relax or read is a great addition to any guest room. If you are working on a tight budget, a thrift store find can be a great solution. With some material and a staple gun, you can reupholster the chair and give your guests a great place to collect themselves and relax.
  • Add a great area rug. There is nothing worse than stepping out of bed onto a cold floor in the mornings. An area rug will take the chill out and add some great décor details. The thrift shop can be a great place to find the perfect area rug. Even if you find one that needs repair, antique rug repair can do the trick.
  • A few strategically placed vases with fresh flowers are a very welcoming touch. Pluck a few flowers from your garden or buy a bouquet at your local grocery store, then add them to a vase to create a wonderful welcoming feeling. Of course, check to see if your guest has any allergies to take into consideration. If allergies present a problem invest in some high-quality artificial flowers.

It does not take a huge investment to create a guest bedroom that will make your guests feel at home.

Create a Guest Bedroom That is a Retreat For Your Guests

While it is certain that your guests will want to spend as much time as possible with you, they also likely will need some time to themselves. Some guests may want to take a mid-afternoon nap, others may have some work they need to get done, and yet others may simply want some space to themselves.

You can easily meet all the needs of your guests by adding some thoughtful amenities to the room including:

  • Room darkening shades or drapes. How lovely is it to be able to take a nap in the afternoon and block out all the light? So lovely. Room darkening shades or curtains can do the trick nicely. Shades and curtains that can block out the light come in a wide range of styles and designs that not only creates a great atmosphere but heightens the style of the room.
  • Add a small desk or other surfaces that can double as a desk. Not all guests will need a space to work but most every guest will have devices that they need to charge. Adding a small desk or even floating shelves can give them a place to put their devices, and work.
  • Hang a small TV. Hang a small flat-screen TV in the room to save floor space and to give your guests the option of watching their favorite shows. You do not have to run cable lines to the room, just plug in a streaming device.

What if you do not have room for an actual desk in your space? That is easy, a beautiful bed tray can do. A slide-in bed tray that is on a stand can double as a workspace. Sometimes you have to get creative to make the most of the room that you do have.

You may not have tons of floor space so you may have to look upwards to incorporate all the items that you want to. Use vertical space. Hang shelves for storage space for your guests, and consider other items that you can get up off the floor to make the room feel bigger without sacrificing style.

Making sure that your guests have the items that they need in the room will ensure that they feel completely at home. You can also add a basket with guest towels, washcloths, and personal items like soaps, small shampoos, and body washes.

The small details like a basket full of shower goods, will help your guests to feel more comfortable. You can even put a new toothbrush and small travel toothpaste in the basket just in case they have forgotten their supplies.

If you use the closet in your spare room to store out of season clothing or décor, it is time to clear it out. Even if you transport everything to the garage temporarily, you will need to provide a space for your guests to hang their own clothing. Of course, if you are really in a pinch for space in your guest room, taking the door off the closet can open up a cubby area that can hold a dresser, a small desk, and more.

The Outside Details

You can create a guest bedroom that your guests will want to retreat too often but that is not the only space to focus on. You can create a great outdoor living space for your guests as well. If your guest bedroom is adjacent to a porch, balcony, or easily accessible to the backyard, don’t forget to make that area welcoming as well.

A small café table with a blanket thrown over the back of the chairs for those chilly nights placed near a sliding glass door is an inviting space any guest will love to relax in. Making sure that your outside looks as good as your inside is an important factor in delivering that bed and breakfast vibe.

Preparing for Your Guests Arrival

Once you create a guest bedroom you can be proud of, it is time to tackle the rest of the house. Deep cleaning is warranted if you want to deliver that bed and breakfast feel. Clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and other common areas, like you are getting ready for inspection.

About 95% of bed and breakfast rooms offer a private bath, if you cannot that is okay, just make sure that the shared bathroom is spotlessly clean. Put away any personal items and declutter bathroom shelves if your guest will have to share the bathroom.

Bake something yummy an hour or so before your guests’ arrival to ensure that the house smells warm and welcoming. Cookies are always a great option for giving your home that delicious welcome home scent.

Not a big baker? That’s okay, bakery bought will do just fine. Add a wax melt warmer and some vanilla wax cubes to give the illusion you have been baking all day in anticipation of your guest. Make sure everything is tidy and welcoming and you can start your guest’s stay off on the right foot.

You can create a guest bedroom that feels just like that lovely bed and breakfast everyone has been talking about. Regardless of how much space you have, or how much money you can spend, you can create a guest bedroom that your guests will want to return to time and time again.

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