How Motor Coaches May Be the Most Efficient of All Transportation Services

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With so much emphasis being placed on environmental conservation in recent years, people are in a mad dash to find anyway to reduce the human population’s impact on the environment. One of the hottest issues to resolve is the use of fossil fuels for powering automobiles. Given that with the fast-paced lifestyle we all now lead, where punctuality is a precursor to success, it has become almost impossible to function in the modern world without some form of motorized transportation.

While some are fortunate enough to live in a large city that provides public transportation services, the vast majority of the country isn’t so lucky. However, when it comes to long-distance traveling, it makes no difference if your city offers public transit.

Often, people will simply choose to drive their car on long trips just for the sake of ease. Unfortunately cars are one of the least fuel-efficient forms of travel. Some may turn to planes or trains but even those are less efficient than other transportation services, not to mention admission to them costs a pretty penny.

In terms of passenger miles per gallon, motor coaches are currently the most efficient form of long-distance, easy travel. Even for local transit, motor coaches are sometimes used for bus tours or shuttle services which removes the need for taxis. Coach buses emit the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger mile than other vehicles; on average they are six times more energy and fuel-efficient than single occupancy vehicles.

More and more people are turning to charter bus rentals for their travel needs with about 631,000,000 passenger trips every year in both the United States and Canada. Each of these motor coaches can potentially account for removing up to 55 other automobiles from the highway.

If we have any hope of reducing the carbon footprint that people have put on the earth, fuel efficient transportation services are an imperative step to take.