Top 3 Reasons Business Executives Choose Private Jets

Charter a jet

With the demand in traveling for business increasing, more and more are turning to private jets to meet their business travel needs. Some of the world’s top companies and business executives are making the switch to private airlines. The practice is so prominent in the United States that the U.S. makes up nearly 50% of private jet market. Europe comes in second at about 21%. Discover what others already know about jet charters. Here are the top 3 reasons to consider a private jet charter for your business traveling needs.

1. Be able to land in more places and get closer to your destination. With over 5,000 airports in use, the private jet industry is able to fly directly to more destinations. Commercial airlines use only 550 airports, giving private jets nearly 10 times the number of places to land. And there likely won’t be long lines at check-in or security with smaller airports and less traffic. Private jet flights can make your business travel easier and less stressful.

2. Get there faster with a private jet charter. Private jets are smaller and lighter, therefore they can travel at higher altitudes. While commercial airlines cruise at about 35,000 feet, private airlines will be above that. If the plane doesn’t have to fight with the traffic, it can get to the destination quicker. Spend less time in the air, less time at the airports, and more time with your business. Exactly the way business travel should be.

3. Increase productivity on private planes. According to 2009 survey, employees are 20% more productive on a private aircraft than in their office. The quiet atmosphere and comfortable accommodations make working easy. Offices often have various distractions, such as a phone ringing or colleagues having a loud discussion. But these are generally removed on a private plane. It isn’t surprising then that 40% surveyed saw a drop in productivity using commercial airliners. Loud noises from other passengers and uncomfortable seats makes working more difficult. If travel is necessary, why shouldn’t it be productive rather than wasteful?

The private jet industry is taking off. With more comfortable accommodations and more airports to choose from, traveling by private jets is faster, more productive, and less stressful. When booking your nest business flight, consider traveling by private jet.