Things to do in Charleston, West Virginia

When you think of Charleston, does South Carolina come to mind? If so, you’re not alone. Charleston, SC is a popular destination; its population is creeping toward one million. Nearly 500 miles north, however, another Charleston has quietly been attracting visitors for its history, small town charm, delightful food and art scene, and natural beauty. If you’ve never been, here are the top four attractions to see when you visit Charleston, West Virginia.

The Culture Center

The term culture center may evoke images of a tourist trap, but Charleston’s Culture Center is an interactive museum that evokes the history and art of West Virginia. Visitors can see tableaux of speakeasies and historic streets, stroll through artistic quilt displays, and see live interactive theater.

Capitol Street

Take a walk down the old-fashioned street and visit the old bookstores, shops, and restaurants. Visitors often visit Pies and Pints or Ellen’s Ice Cream, but Adelphia