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Top Three Uses For Limousine Car Service

A limousine is a sign of indulgence, importance, and celebration. It gets used in many different events, ranging from high school proms to funerals. While hiring a chauffeured car service can be expensive, there are ways to save money. A limo car can be rented for a variety of prices. It all depends on the type of limo, the availability, and the occasion.

How much is a limousine car? The price varies, so you’ll need to ask around. Limo reservations should be made in advance. This will usually get you a better price and guarantee that there is a car available when you need it. You’ll also need to figure out what kind of limo you need. Custom limo builders can make luxurious limos, but these limos will cost you a lot more than some of the others that you might be able to hire. If you know your budget and have the time, look into different limo services in your community. You’ll be able to see who has the best cars at the best prices and make your reservations accordingly.

Airport limousine service

Limousines are traditionally equated with sophisticated events. While a limousine can refer to any luxury chauffeured car service, the iconic stretch limo that can seat between 16 and 20 passengers is what often comes to mind. Limo services also may use small vehicles which seat about six passengers or mid-sized vehicles that can carry up to 10 passengers. Here are some of the most popular applications for limousine service.

#1. Wedding Limousines

With a steady 2.1 to 2.2 million nuptial ceremonies taking place each year, weddings are predicted to continue causing high demand for limousine services. Especially in the busy wedding season of May to August, it is recommended to schedule limo service between six and nine months prior to the wedding to make sure everything is squared away for the big day. Depending on the size of the wedding party, it may be necessary to have multiple limousines. Many customers want to schedule this in advance so the same company can provide matching limousines for the event.

#2. Corporate Car Service

With over 405 million long-distance business trips each year, Americans often use limousine or corporate car service when traveling for business meetings. The convenience factor comes into play for business people requiring airport limousine services to promptly pick them up and drop them off from airports to hotels or meeting locations. Many individuals who are required to travel for business like the dependability of airport limo services or corporate car services to know the best routes around an unfamiliar location, and there is often a flat or hourly rate unlike cabs which also charge by the mile.

With nearly half of all highschoolers attending their school’s prom, another popular use of limousine service is transportation on prom night. While the rates may be expensive for teenagers to afford on their own, often large groups split the cost so it becomes more reasonable. Also, parents often contribute toward an average of 56% of prom costs resulting in students paying for less than half of their overall prom costs, on average. While not all students arrive at prom in a limo, this can often be an exciting element to a much-anticipated night of celebration.