4 Benefits of Renting a Charter Bus for a Corporate Event

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Charter buses remain an extremely popular way for large groups to travel together. In fact, charter buses make up for 751 million passenger trips that are taken each year. It’s understandable to wonder why so many companies are choosing to rent a charter bus when an upcoming trip approaches. With that in mind, here are four beneficial reasons to rent a charter bus for an upcoming corporate trip.

  1. Reducing Extra Travel Expenses

    You’ll find that traveling with a group often means having expenses that must be paid while on the road. Making the choice to rent a charter bus is a wise decision that ensures you’ll reduce fees associated with gas usage, tolls, and parking fees while traveling.
  2. Avoiding Employees Arriving at Different Times

    In many cases, employees will need to arrive at an event within a specified time. That being said, it’s unreliable to expect that employees traveling separately will arrive on time. On the other hand, renting a charter bus ensures that all members of your party are traveling together. In fact, statistics from 2012 found that both adults and young adults accounted for 49.9% of all passenger trips for that year.
  3. Comfortable Travel Option for All Employees

    It’s understandable that every passenger wants to travel comfortably on a bus. You’ll find that a tour bus rental provides your passengers with a wide range of amenities including air conditioning, spacious seating, and even wireless internet capabilities.
  4. Travel Option That Reduces Harmful Emissions

    You’ll find that it’s important for a business owner to make decisions that positively impact the environment. Statistics show that a full motorcoach has the ability to remove the presence of 55 automobiles from the road. When you rent a charter bus, you’re helping to do your part to help reduce harmful environmental emissions.

In closing, there are several beneficial reasons to rent a charter bus. These buses reduce extra expenses you’re likely to rack up while traveling separately. Costs associated with tolls, parking, and refueling can add up quickly. Utilizing a charter bus ensures that you and your employees all arrive at a specified destination at the same time. These buses are designed to provide each passenger with a comfortable ride, especially beneficial during longer trips. Renting a charter bus ensures that employees have a travel option that reduces harmful emissions that negatively impact the environment.

Make Your Experience Hiring a Motorcoach Company Better with These 9 Tips

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If you are planning a trip for a group of people, you have a lot of options. There are a lot of reasons to charter a bus but you have a lot or motorcoach companies to pick from and considerations to make. Here are some tips to make sure you have a great experience when you work with a charter bus service.

  1. Ask about how much they charge. Before you ask any more questions, you should make sure the company you are talking to is within your budget. Make sure you understand how much it is going to cost for everything. Get an itemized quote. A company that gives you a really cheap rate, there may be hidden costs.
  2. As about the safety record of the company and driver. If you look it up with the Department of Transportation, keep in mind that the highest rating that they give to motorcoach companies is satisfactory. Do not expect to see a higher rating nor disappointed with that rating. You should not pass over a company because of this rating.
  3. Ask about the condition of the buses in the company’s fleet. Charter bus rentals typically come in several sizes. They can accommodate between 40 and 60 people. Buses have come a long way in the last few years. Many have WiFi and other amenities that were not available in older buses. Different motorcoach companies have different kinds of equipment so you should check with the company to find out what they offer for their charter bus services. You want everyone to be comfortable on the road. Make sure they have restroom facilities. That will make a big difference for longer trips.
  4. Make sure the bus is clean. While this is no longer the case, many people think of buses as being dirty and smelly. While buses have improved quite a bit since they got that reputation, you should ask about how often the buses in the fleet of the company you are hiring are tended to. Ask how often the rest room facilities are cleaned.
  5. Ask what kinds of amenities they have on their buses. Different motorcoach companies offer different things on their buses. If you know you are going to need something specific, you need to ask about it. Say you are taking a group to see a historic site, you may want to get a bus with television screens and a DVD player to show a video about the spot.
  6. Ask about how long the drivers can work in a day. There are rules and regulations for the drivers for motorcoach companies. Typically, drivers are not allowed to spend more than 10 hours driving in any one day. They are prohibited from spending more than 15 hours on duty in any one day.
  7. Make sure they have the proper licenses. It should be a given that the motorcoach company makes sure that its divers have the right license to drive charted bus but you do need to ask and verify when you hire them. The last thing your group needs is to be pulled over and find out that your driver does not have the right license to drive the bus.
  8. Ask about how they handle miscellaneous charges. Along the way, you will may have to contend with parking fees or tolls charges. Ask how that is dealt with. Most motorcoach companies have policies about this but it is worth it to ask before you find you are on the highway and do not have exact chance for the toll.
  9. Ask to talk to people who have used the company. Many motorcoach companies have testimonials on their website. Make sure you check them. By the same token, they may have people you can talk to about what it was like to work with the company and what the drivers were like. This is a great way to see what is like to take a trip with the company and drivers.

There are a lot of advantages to hiring a motorcoach company to take your group on a trip. You get everyone safely to your destination and the trip can be stress free if you have followed these tips.