Where Will You Travel When This Pandemic Loosens Its Grip?

Watching videos.
Flipping through pictures.
Planning for the future.
Although this is the day when you should have been taking one of the most highly rated glacier helicopter tours, you are instead at home. You are still with your family, but you are stuck in the midwest instead of visiting the Alaska sites that have been on your wish lis for years. Yesterday was the day when your daughters planned for the family to take a dogsled tour, but you were instead home on that day as well. Fortunately, you paid extra for nearly every kind of trip insurance and the businesses that you have worked have offered refunds or helped you plan for a future date when you can finally get back to life as normal.
Cancelled Travel Plans Add Disappointment to the Anxiousness Many Americans Feel
Instead of feeling scared or worried, it has been easier these last three weeks to focus on the disappointment of the travel events this pandemic has created. Quite simply, it is easier to


Tips for Planning a Family Vacation to Alaska

Alaska can be best described as being world, stunning and covering a significantly larger area. These are some of the factors that make the region a dream destination for many travellers. For many people, a trip to see alaska by plane is a lifetime experience which is why there is a lot of effort from tourists to make sure that the trip is perfect. For those who have never been to alaska, the main question would be what they should see in alaska. The amazing thing about this travel destination is that it provides the best attractions for outdoor lovers. If you are in love with nature and love a little adventure, alaska is one place you are likely to experience the amazing outdoor world. There is wildlife to see, national parks, glaciers accompanied by a rich history of different attractions. You can also take dogsled tours and helicopter tours for an excursion of flightseeing alaska. Th

Tips for Planning a Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

So you have finally settled for a helicopter tour for your ultimate special wedding event or special anniversary event In Alaska? Simply put, flightseeing alaska could turn out to be the best decision you will ever make. By taking a helicopter ride, you are able to see the scenic view around you from a birds-eye perspective. Sounds fun right? The thrill of taking helicopter tours is not however guaranteed unless proper planning and preparation is made. You need to at least know the basic of what a helicopter tour is all about. It is also worth noting that helicopter rides in alaska are not cheap. There is a price tag for all the activities that you take during the ride. The reward for your money is well worth it. Think about the forests, island cliffs, volcanic craters and game reserves that you will get to enjoy and experience during your helicopter rides in alaska. Prior to taking helic