Things to Do in Charleston Explore in Style in Carriage Rides

Charleston, South Carolina, is a perfect destination for getaways. Nicknamed the Holy City, there are many things to do in Charleston. Both tourists and locals can enjoy scenic views of picturesque parks and beaches, historic sites, and churches built back in 1700s. You will also get a chance to try local food and wines. Charleston is also popular for cultural events. This means there is a host of theaters, museums, and galleries. But nothing will make your trip fun and satisfying as taking a carriage ride around Charleston.

A carriage ride takes you back in time as you explore the downtown of Charleston city. Throughout the tour, you will enjoy sights and learn the history of the city. If you are planning to explore Charleston, South Carolina you should consider carriage ride. Before we take a look at things to do in Charleston, here are a few things you should know about carriage ride in Charleston.

1. Carriage Company does not determine what you see

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