Camping A Family Vacation for All Ages and Experience Levels

Michigan campgrounds

Looking for a good kid-friendly vacation this summer? Need something that will let your kids burn off plenty of steam and stretch their legs a little? You should check out family campgrounds as a vacation destination for your family. Camping has tons of benefits for the whole family — and if you’re not super keen on tent camping spaces, cabin camping is also available in most family campgrounds. It’s a great way to get your kids off their phones, computers, or tablets and into nature. (It can also be a great way for you to get off our phone, tablet, or computer!) Family camping trips are sure to open up more lines of communications among family members and make plenty of silly and happy memories that will keep the family aglow for months to come. Additionally, choosing family campgrounds can also allow you and your kids to interact with other families and make new friends. Not a bad deal all around!
Camp Once and Go Back Again and Again!
Surveys have shown that the majority of camping (70%) is done in public or family campgrounds and many families come back year after year after they’ve experienced a family vacation campground. Over 10% of currently camping adults first went camping with their immediate family — and continued to do so into adulthood. In 2011, it was shown that Americans had over 500 camping days collectively; it remains one of the top family vacation choices for Americans today. It’s good to start kids young as well — 85% of those who are still camping went between their birth and the age of 15; they were less likely to be exposed to camping after that age. Furthermore, the idea of family bonding is still strong in the minds of adults who went camping with their families — almost 15% of adults who still camp go in order to spend time with their families.
Create a Bond In Family Campgrounds
Not only is there a chance you’ll meet other families that you and your kids can connect with — they may turn out to be surprising lifelong friends — but you and your family will get closer as well. Minus technology, the chance for good conversation, funny stories, and the building of memories grows. There will be some ridiculous and frustrating moments that will turn into good stories over time and delicious and rich memories of seeing a wild animal during a hike or getting marshmallow sticky with S’mores near a campfire.
It’s also possible that your children will grow up appreciating being outside more, which can lead to healthy and active lifestyles. Being outdoors at a younger age also fosters a sense of environmentalism and the idea that every person can affect change in their surroundings, no matter how small. There’s a chance they’ll be more respectful of their surroundings and encourage others to do so as well. And, of course, you may be fostering the next generation of enthusiastic campers!
Why Else Should Families Take Advantage of a Camping Vacation?
Enjoy a slower and more relaxing type of trip — camping can almost catapult you fifty years back in time. Almost 50% of adults who went camping said they went for the sheer enjoyment of it. Broadening your travel horizons can also be a great reason to take a family camping vacation. What better reason to pack up your family and drive cross country than to take a stunning vacation at a geographical landmark or to enjoy a variety of stunning campsites?
Camping vacations also offer families the chance to be active and engaged with their surroundings. Hiking, backpacking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, and swimming are all possible activities that can be added on when you go camping. And around 90% of campers participated in outdoor activities when they went camping! It’s a chance to try new things that you might not ordinarily have tried before.
Check out listings for your next family camping adventure. Get started early on the path to outdoor fun and start making memories that will last you and your family a lifetime.