The Top Three Things To Remember When Choosing A Vacation Rental

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Most of us only get to go on vacation a limited amount of times over the course of our lives. Vacations are expensive, difficult to plan, and time-consuming. Going on vacation involves saving — and subsequently spending — a lot of money, planning a rigorous schedule, and getting a good amount of time off of work (which in turn involves even more planning). It only gets harder when you’re vacationing with a family — that’s more money to spend, and more schedules to plan around. As such, it should come as no surprise that many families only take one vacation a year, if that. But still, they wouldn’t trade those vacations for the world. In fact, 37% of people surveyed say that vacations are what make families most happy. It’s important to make the most of your vacation — and get the most out of it, for that matter. The more you save on the practical parts of vacationing — where you’re staying, how you’ll get there, and so on — the more you can spend on the fun parts. This is one of the many reasons why lots of people are turning to vacation rental properties. Where hotels were once the place to vacation, now 22% of vacationers choose rental properties, with another 24% staying in condo resorts. Let’s look into some of the top things you should take into account when choosing between the different types of rental properties.

1. Value

There’s no getting around it — vacations cost money, and a lot of it. This is especially true for families. The whole point of a vacation is to experience a place different from your home, so many vacationers travel long distances. To get to your vacation spot, you will probably have to fly. Each plane ticket costs, minimally, a few hundred dollars when going to a typical destination. Even if you can drive rather than flying, gas expenses alone can be sky high. Then think of all the times you’ll be dining out on vacation, the excursions you’ll be paying for, gifts you’ll want to bring back home — it adds up. The best way to save money is through a cheaper place to stay. Rental properties may at first look expensive, but many are quite affordable. If you’re going on vacation for longer than a weekend, they will almost certainly offer better rates. Indeed, 62% of people surveyed choose rental properties over hotels because they offer better rates. Certainly, they offer much more for the money.

2. Amenities

There are many reasons why people choose rental properties — and they aren’t just financial. Vacation rentals offer amenities that can’t be paralleled by hotels. Many vacation rentals are seasonal rentals, which means that these amenities can be tailored to the type of vacation you want to have. For example, if you want to have a winter wonderland vacation in the mountains, you’ll probably appreciate a hot tub in the backyard. If you’re looking for a tropical vacation, a hammock might be nice. The practical amenities will be appreciated too — things like a kitchen, air conditioning, and that all-important privacy. It’s easy to feel like you’re crammed into a tight space when staying in a hotel; and it’s easy to feel as if your privacy is being invaded in those places as well. You don’t have to worry about his when it comes to rental properties.

3. Type Of Rental Property

Where you vacation should not be decided based on what type of rental property you want. You can find a great rental property almost anywhere; but the type of rental properties you have to choose from will vary depending on where you want to vacation. At a tropical place, you’ll likely see beach houses and bungalows. If you are looking to go skiing, you’ll probably have a lot of cabins to choose from. No matter where you vacation, remember: take advantage of the experience, and have the time of your life!