Four Fantastic Beachfront Wedding Ideas

Married in the outer banks

There’s nothing quite as romantic as a beach wedding. The casualty of a beachfront setting combined with the undeniably romantic sounds of the lapping waves and the smell of the ocean is enough to make any special day one to remember.

For the best waterfront beach wedding possible, here are some great tips to make your special day one for the books:

  1. Made in the Shade
    If your wedding venue is outdoors during hot seasons, the ceremony can get uncomfortable quickly. To keep the ceremony both cool and stylish, provide guests with favors such as parasols, fans, or themed sunglasses to shade them from the heat. It’s important to keep guests outdoors and as comfortable as possible. Many oceanfront hotels will also have outdoor restrooms, so guests won’t have to go all the way back into the hotels restroom to do their business!
  2. Stay Hydrated
    Allow your guests to stay cool and hydrated by providing refreshments before and immediately after the ceremony, such as water, beer, and champagne. To make things even more customized, offer beer cozies with the wedding deets on them. Guests will love em and their hands will stay dry!
  3. Get Altar-native
    Beach weddings have an inherent do-it-yourself vibe, and tend to lean toward a more natural aesthetic. One of the best ways to manifest this natural decor is by building your own wedding altar out of found beach objects, such as driftwood, stones, and shells to decorate. To create even more of a romantic flow, try weaving beautiful silk or other lightweight draperies around the altar.
  4. Ditch the Shoes
    For most weddings, fancy footwear is a must. But for beach weddings, many traditional sartorial conventions go out the window, and this is definitely one of them. Ladies, if you’ve ever tried to successfully strut your stuff in a pair of heels in the sand, you’ll know that ditching the things will make much more sense. Besides, who doesn’t love the feeling of warm sand between their toes?
    To keep shoes in their proper place, create a “shoe check” out of a vintage shelf or cabinet. Guests will love its look and ability to keep shoes organized!