What Happens When You Search “Extended Stay Hotel+Meth”?

Preferred corporate housing

What’s the #1 reason to choose corporate housing rentals over extended stay hotels? It’s not because of the lower price, or the amenities, the pet-friendly policies, or the convenience. It’s not even the washer and dryers. No, it’s because a quick Google search for the phrase “extended stay meth” turns up a terrifying 206,000 results.

Of course, the vast majority of people who patronize extended stay or long term hotels won’t end up sleeping next door to some DIY meth cooking entrepreneurs. Even so, the 206,000 search results indicate some pretty strong anecdotal evidence that your chances of running to the parking lot in the middle of the night because of chemical fumes are slightly higher in at a local extended stay establishment. But who’s to say where that odd chemical smell is coming from? Could be meth, could be something completely innocent, like, um, a broken ice machine? Wait, that just sounds like slang for exploding meth lab.

That’s for the police to decide, in any case. For example, the police in West Ashley, SC, who were called to an extended stay motel in the middle of the night this March after an explosion forced the motel’s evacuation. A couple was charged with manufacturing meth, poorly, and child endangerment, sadly.

For travelers, families, and business people looking for an extended stay that won’t stick them in a sketchy situation, corporate housing rentals provide a more professional alternative.

Corporate housing providers rent furnished apartments, condos, or homes for people who need to stay for 30 days or longer. In 2014, average corporate housing rentals lasted for 84 nights, and the majority of patrons (32%) booked their rooms while relocating to a new job or business opportunity.

Many New York City companies are relying on New Jersey corporate housing rentals to avoid high-rise prices on short term rentals in the Big Apple. For workers relocating to New York City or just visiting temporarily for business, Jersey City corporate housing often makes more financial sense than corporate housing rentals in Queens or Long Island, which features longer commutes as well.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about those funky smells coming from the motel room next door.