Rustic, Glam, and Unique Vacation Cabins for Your Family’s Next Camping Trip

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Are you planning on going on a family camping vacation soon? The nice thing about camping is that it doesn’t always involve a lot of planning. Just grab some essential supplies, like a tent and a sleeping bag, and you’re ready to go. However, not all families enjoy the rush to find a good camping site and set up a tent before the daylight disappears. Others don’t really like the feeling of getting slathered in bug spray or throwing on layer upon layer of clothing when the temperature drops at night. And having kids in tow during such a vacation can complicate things even further.

You might think that you need to own an RV in order to have a more comfortable camping trip. While it’s possible even to rent one, it’s not the only option for having a fun camping trip with all the perks you’d get at home. Vacation cabins are another fantastic option for families, and they can be as rustic or as elaborate as you prefer.

What are some of the different kinds of vacation cabins you can rent for your next family camping trip? Ask your campgrounds if they offer these exciting options:

  • Choose rustic accommodations: Tent camping may be a bit too much for some families, but those who want to enjoy nature a bit more comfortably may enjoy renting a cabin that has all the basic necessities. Typically, these cabins won’t have indoor plumbing, but they’ll have enough room for a whole family to sleep comfortably. They’re also not located far from bathrooms, showers, dining, and other convenient campground amenities.
  • Enjoy the comforts of home: If you’re more about glamping (or glamorous camping) then you are about roughing it, then you may want to choose full-service camping cabin rentals. These cabins have everything from air conditioning to full kitchens. These are definitely the way to go if you need the ultimate in comfortable camping.
  • Go for the unconventional: If a simple cabin isn’t exciting enough for you, try something different. For instance, some campgrounds offer options ranging from RV rentals to vacation cottages that resemble single-family homes. Others have yurts, which are large round tent-like structures that originated in Central Asia. These are a great step between cabin and tent camping for families.

Which vacation cabins and rentals would you want to stay in? Tell us in the comments!