How to Choose a Great Family Campsite This Summer

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A camping trip is one of those rare family activities that has stood the test of time. Perhaps now more than ever, there is a certain allure to leaving all of our day-to-day obligations behind us and just hitting the road. Of course, today more than ever even your local camping sites offer more in the ways of entertainment and convenience than ever before.

Family campgrounds used to be fairly sparse in terms of amenities. The local camping sites likely had little to nothing in terms of a shower system rigged up. The larger tent sites for camping might have had enclosed bathrooms, and shady campsites were considered a good find.

Entertainment options for family camping 20 or 30 years ago probably included hiking, fishing, maybe bird watching, and perhaps a couple of card games or ghost stories told by a small fire. Part of the appeal of getting out of the house and into nature is of course the opportunity to get some screen-free time. But leaving our technology behind doesn’t need to equate to boredom.

Family camping trips now look quite a bit different, and it mostly has to do with the level of convenience we expect. One study on the camping habits of families found that about 70% stayed at local camping sites that catered to families. A campground that is family-friendly is one that has more to offer than the camping sites of our childhoods.

For example, around 87% of campers took part in several activities when on vacation. Depending on which campsite they stayed at, these activities might have included everything from mini-golf to splash pads. As one of the hardest parts of a family camping trip is keeping the kids from complaining, local camping sites that offer scheduled activities can be a life saver, if not a peacemaker.

Many family camping vacation spots will offer the aforementioned mini-golf, but others will have a pool with perhaps water slides. Other’s may have volleyball courts or kid’s playgrounds. Still others will offer a way to beat the summer heat in the form of game rooms and small movie theaters.

Adults mainly like to go camping because it gives them a chance to spend more time with there immediate family members with fewer distractions. Still, it is a wise decision to have the option of some distractions built-in to the vacation schedule. While hiking can be a great form of physical exercise, it’s fairly unlikely that your children will be thrilled with doing it every day of the trip.

This summer, why should you not plan to take some time with your family? Experts say that spending some time in nature is good for your mind, as the sound of the wind in the trees and the birds and bees can be soothing. Just remember to have a few extra activities lined up, and everyone can enjoy the trip.