You Can Get Replacement Lenses for Your Designer Sunglasses

How much to replace sunglass lenses

Sunglasses are a pretty handy accessory. Not only do they look really cool (like those trendy Kanye West sunglasses) and keep the sun out of your eyes, they’re also protective. Sunglasses are have also gotten some serious upgrades in the past, thanks to the designer brand Oakley.
There’s no need to have a separate bluetooth device when you’re wearing the Oakley Razrwire from 2005, which has a built in headphone head set. Rather than walking around with an earpiece in your ear which we can all agree looks pretty weird, you can just wear your sunglasses when you need your hands free which is typically when you are wearing sunglasses anyway like while driving or out and about outside.
Oakley came out with “Thump” in 2004. These sunglasses actually have a built in audio player. Rather than having to buy and carry around yet another device, these sunglasses deliver your favorite tunes without you having to strap another player to your arm or worry about carrying one around. When you go out for your afternoon run, you can just put on those sunglasses and go.
The problem with these, or any sunglasses for that matter, is that the lenses can get scratched pretty easily. Instead of throwing out what is essentially two items — sunglasses and a headset or audio player — you can get sunglass lenses replacement. Sunglasses lens replacement is probably your best bet when it comes to scratched sunglasses, any way you look at it. Sunglass lenses replacement is a worthwhile option especially for damaged designer sunglasses because it will keep you from having to throw them away and buying a new pair. Sunglass replacement lenses can also be polarized. Choosing polarized replacement lenses is ideal because they are so protective of the eye. Replacing sunglass lenses is also environmentally friendly because it will keep your scratched pair out of a landfill.