What To Expect On Your Louisiana Kayak Tour!

New orleans kayak tour

There are a lot of cool things to see while kayaking down a river. Wildlife, interesting natural structures, the way the environment looks from the angle you’re in. So different than walking through it or driving.

What about kayaking through a swamp?

Down in Louisiana, more specifically New Orleans, there are swamp kayak tours that show you a different side of the historic city. Louisiana itself makes up around 41% of the United States wetlands, which means that there is a lot to explore from inside a kayak!

Some of these tours include historical facts about the area and city, famous battles, or figures, that might have taken place or occurred in that area. Pirates and their treasures, raids in the night, the history of one of American’s oldest cities, all while paddling alongside alligators and other swamp-dwelling critters.

In your kayak swamp tours, you’re going to want to pay special attention to what your tour guides say, for your safety. It’ll be far, far different than a river or coastal kayaking, with different things to watch out for and different dangers to you and the people you’re with. It’s unlikely to be dangerous, as most tours are beginner level, but paying attention never hurts!

Some of the things you might see include alligators, deer, turtles and sweet-smelling azaleas. Aside from the wildlife, you can also explore the bayous and waterways that many of New Orleans? founding fathers ventured into, check out the ruins of Ruddock which is a now-deserted logging community.

There are also tons of other options to explore the swamp and wetlands, not just restricted to kayaking. Hiking is a cheap, cost effective, way to see the wildlife. Airboat tours can be an option as well, allowing for a fast and fun experience for the kids, and an entertaining boat ride for the family. Many of the tours are manned by professionals that have been in the area their whole lives and have explored every nook and cranny of the land, so they can show you a large amount of it.

Do your research, there are tons of tours listed online for you to look at. All of which detail what exactly occurs on them, and helps you form a picture of your potential experience.