5 Fun Activites To Engage in While Camping with Friends

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Whether you are new to camping or you are a regular, there’s always something new, something fresh, something engaging to do while you are out there. Although there are routine activities some campers love to engage in, others will find new ways to spice up and make this recreational activity more fun and memorable. From swimming, hiking, cooking, aqua zorbing, card games and geocaching, the overwhelming excitement of camping is that you can typically engage in any outdoor activities of your choice.

However, an ideal camping occurs when close friends or family participate. At least, this a perfect time for people to blend and strengthen their relationships. Almost 12% which is roughly 25 million American adults went camping in 2015. This shows that camping has no age limit, however old you are, you can still have pleasure with those you love. In camping, depending on where the location is,
activities can widely vary. Season changes and different weather patterns is also a factor that can affect such trip.

Thinking of going camping this holiday? Here are some few fun ideas you can try out with your partner, family or friends on the campsite.

You and Nature
What a joy it is to be woken up by the nature sounds of birds surrounded by beautiful trees. Well, that is a priceless atmosphere that instantly cools down the hassle of busy life. While camping, you can decide to have random nature walks to explore the great outdoors around you. Here, there’s a lot that you can do, for example, walking down streams, bird watching, fetching firewoods, nature gathering, picking berries just to name a few. However, with all the excitement of running wild, mind the wildlife, and refrain from anything that will disturb the nature. If you and your friends are daring enough, nature will serve you limitless encounters, stretch your limits by climbing trees or even go for a scavenger hunt.

You, Campfire and Food
If it’s an experience of a lifetime, you are aiming for, hanging around the campfire offers you that and more. This is a simple activity that requires less preparation. Often, campfires will happen after a busy day of nature walks. That’s when you have the time to fetch woods and perhaps hunt your dinner meal. Campfire will not only serve you for cooking, but it also provide firelight, and as the night wears in, you’ll need to keep warm. You can choose to engage in activities like Truth and Dare, Dancing, Harmonise, Tell Stories, and more. However, exercise caution when lighting fire. Also, not every campsite encourages camp fires, so get to know the do’s and don’ts.

You Inside a Tent
Since not every activity will be outdoors, make sure when you are inside the tent you enjoy more than when you are outside. To do this, find fun activities that are engaging for everyone. Activities that you can enjoy while confined in your tent include card games, board games, crafting, read out loud stories or listening to music. Usually, people will retire to their tents when it’s time to sleep, so it’s wise that people agree on the duration they’ll be on, to avoid inconveniencing others who may want to sleep.

You and Sports
Pump up your adrenaline and get active with limitless physical activities such as biking, horseback riding, baseball, football, volleyball among others. You can use this opportunity to form groups that compete, and you can also set prices for winners, or delegate task for losers. It’s just fun when you see a friend lose fairly.

Whatever you and your friends decide to engage in while camping, it’s important that you experience both indoor and outdoor activities. You can have the pleasure of viewing remarkable attractions but don’ miss out on each other company and fun moments.Statistics show that 37% of families enjoy vacations and it’s something that makes them happy. Sometimes in life, it’s the little things that matter. So go out there and experience life like never before.

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