Why Those Big Jackie O Sunglasses Are Good for the Health of Your Eyes

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Those huge sunglasses Jackie Kennedy Onassis wore in the sixties have come back in a big way. Movie stars, athletes, and normal girls alike all wear those enormous glasses these days. They may make people look like flies or aliens, but when you hear the benefits of wearing massive sunglasses like that you may not be so quick to laugh at them.

Sure sunglasses keep the sun out of our eyes, but they do a lot more than that. We all know that rays from the sun are bad for our skin and can cause skin cancer, but UV rays are harmful to the eyes themselves as well. UV rays can cause discomfort and eye pain, but the results of overexposure to UV rays can be much worse. Not protecting your eyes from UV rays can result in macular degeneration which can lead to cataracts. Eyeballs and vision are not the only things at risk for damage from UV rays; the thin skin around the eye is especially susceptible to skin cancer. Those big sunglasses cover more area than thinner and smaller sunglasses, so they are much more protective.

If those sunglasses aren’t polarized though, they aren’t as protective as they could be. There are plenty of reasons to opt to get replacement sunglass lenses, but getting polarized replacement lenses is the best thing you can do for the health and safety of your eyes. Replacing sunglass lenses every few years is also a good way to ensure that your eyes are getting maximum protection. Replacement polarized lenses block out more of those harmful UV rays than any other replacement lenses for sunglasses. If you choose to get replacement sunglass lenses, you should make sure that they are polarized. References.

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