Professional Drivers Nothing Like Hollywood Stereotypes

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The average U.S. employee who regularly travels for work is 49 and a half years old. Understandably, very few U.S. men and women well into their 40s want to contend with cab drivers as they are depicted in movies. We’ve all seen them. They’re gruff, they drive recklessly, and they take any outsiders on “shortcuts” that inevitably rack up the bill.

Thankfully, these drivers more or less exist in movies and on television only. In reality, airport transportation services, cab services, group transportation services, drivers, and patrons alike all benefit from efficiency and professionalism. What can you reasonably expect from professional taxi and chauffeur services?

Drivers And Chauffeurs Are Hitting The Books!

As a whole, American businessmen and businesswomen will take more than 405 long distance trips in any given year. Therefore, expectations for safe, quality transportation are more than reasonable, and there is plenty of great news to that end. In fact, car service costs are more justifiable than ever before. Why? In order to work for taxi, limousine, and car services, drivers are taking increasingly rigorous written exams. To pass the test, professional drivers must know traffic laws in and out. Similarly, most services also require an additional or extended driving test prior to employment.

Times Are Changing

Moreover, patrons can more easily pay for cab and transportation services than they have in the past. For years, many car services accepted cash only. Now patrons can pay with a credit card while inside the cab — and even get a receipt to prove any business expenses. Airport and hotel shuttles sometimes enable companies to include these services when they are booking your flight or room, meaning you only have to worry about the optional tip.

One in five Americans will travel for business within the next six months. Make the experience as pleasant, timely, and cost-efficient as possible. Rest assured that, today, car service costs are more than justified by the convenience and safety afforded by professional drivers. Research more like this.

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