3 Situations Made Infinitely Easier by Furnished Rentals

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When you’re traveling, you probably think of hotels as the only accommodation that can provide comfortable amenities. But furnished rentals can provide all these amenities and more, and often for a more affordable price. Here are three situations in which you might consider a furnished apartment instead of a hotel:

  1. Family Vacation

    For a family vacation, furnished apartments can serve as a perfect home base. First of all, you can choose an apartment with enough space for everyone so that the family doesn’t need to be split up into multiple rooms — which can make the overall cost of accommodations much lower, especially if you would have been paying for two or even three rooms. Furnished rentals can also help families save money in other ways, since food can be prepared in the fully stocked kitchen and there are plenty of entertainment options that can cut down on outside expenses that add up. There’s one more huge upside: Many furnished apartments are dog friendly, so the whole family can come along.

  2. Extended Business Trip

    Renting an apartment for a long-term business trip can be beneficial whether you’re looking at it from the perspective of the company or the employee; the company can often get special low rates, and the living space is more comfortable than a hotel’s. Executive corporate housing is generally centrally located in the city and luxuriously furnished to reduce stress and maximize productivity. Having a dedicated private space also makes entertaining easy, if you want to have clients over while you’re in town.

  3. Either End of a Move

    Short term rentals can make life much easier in the stressful times bookending a move to a new city. In the first city, renting a furnished apartment allows some time to pack up everything in the house in advance, not worrying about how you’ll continue to live semi-normally with half your things already in boxes. And when you arrive in your new city, a fully furnished apartment lets the whole family start to get settled in immediately, instead of living in chaos while trying to unpack as quickly as possible. If the move is related to a new job, it’s possible to negotiate corporate relocation housing into a relocation package.

When else can short-term furnished rentals save stress? Share your suggestions in the comments.

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