5 Incredible Campsites Across America That You’ve Never Heard of

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Every person should have “Spend as much time outdoors as possible” high on their list of life goals. The scenery, the adventure, and the serenity that you find in the great outdoors is something you just cannot be manufactured by mankind. Whether you prefer luxury cabin camping, RV camping, or the rustic feeling of tent camping, here are five US campsites that you should visit in your lifetime:

  1. Camping in Montana
    Some of the most scenic campgrounds in the United States are in the Glacier National Park. The Apgar Campground, which is nestled in a pine forest in the middle of the mountain peaks, offers both RV camping and tent camping. There are wealth of excursions already available, such as boating at nearby Lake McDonald, horseback riding, and guided tours of the beautiful mountain side. Or you can create your own adventure!
  2. Camping in Texas
    Give yourself the sensation of being an old Western movie by camping in the beautiful Pala Dura Canyon in Texas. The gorgeous painted desert has looming red rocks that will take your breath away, which you can explore through the many established hiking or mountain biking trails. Pala Dura Canyon offers tent camping sites, RV camps, and rustic stone cabins that were built to provide employment during the Great Depression. Pala Dura Canyon is also famous for its live wild west musical, ‘Texas,’ That is performed outside in the warm evenings of the summer.
  3. Camping in Oregon
    A truly magnanimous camping experience can be found on the beaches of Oregon, in Nahalem Bay State Park. The tent camping spot offers more luxuries than most campsites, including running water and electricity. Camping on the beach of Oregon gives you an unlimited number of outings: kayaking, surfing, whale watching, and sailing, as well as hiking opportunities if you go further in-land.
  4. Camping in South Dakota
    Get the pioneers’ view of the endless grassy plains that the original prairie settlements were established on in South Dakota. One great camping opportunity is offered at Ingalls Homestead in De Smet, South Dakota. You can stay on the very premises that Laura Ingalls Wilder lived on or setup your own RV or tent camping on the property.
  5. Camping in Arkansas
    Imagine the exhilaration of discovering great riches that the gold and diamond prospectors lived for at the turn of the century. At Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, it is still possible to make yourself wealthy by searching for precious stones, and anything you find, you can keep! Crater of Diamonds State Park is equipped with RV and tent camping, as well as a diamond themed water park for when you need a break from treasure seeking.

Where is your favorite spot to enjoy the great outdoors? What is your favorite type of outdoor excursion while camping? We want to hear all of your thoughts on camping in the comment section below!

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