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There are many ways people try to improve their standing within society and that includes being eco-friendly or environmentally conscious. Many people try to appear “hip” or “in the know” when it comes various social issues and improving the environment is no exception. It becomes “cool” to be environmentally conscious.

There is no secret that a great deal of people adhering to a vegan diet (and they use that word) do it to appear cooler or hipper than other people. They point that other people are doing it just a little bit uglier, treading on the environment and harming their body with meat products and fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are a predominant issue with people who are “environmentally conscious” or “eco-friendly.” Fossil fuels refer to energy sources that burn a substance from the earth, often resulting in a great deal of pollution. The three “fossil fuels” that are most well-known are coal, oil, and gas.

These fossil fuels are found in our every day life. Natural gas is used to power a great percentage of houses in America, while coal is used to power homes in some communities. Oil is used for car repairs and services, while natural gas is what moves our cars around, unless the car is powered by electricity and few are.

Natural gas is perhaps the cleanest of the fossil fuels, reducing pollution as it has been made cleaner by environmental initiatives. Coal is likely seen as having the most pollution and most of the mines in West Virginia have been shuttered due to the lack of demand for coal. Oil is still seen in huge refineries in the gulf and Texas.

But still numerous people refer to themselves as “eco-friendly” and “environmentally conscious” while they are just looking down on others, whether those viewpoints are correct or not correct. Veganism is closely linked to being “in-tune” with the environment, causing the least harm, and fighting factory farms, which create emissions.

There are many ways the average person, whether they are looking to feel superior or not to others, to reduce carbon emissions and try not to harm the environment further. They can, for instance, green their house by purchasing and setting up solar panels to use more energy from renewable sources rather than fossil fuels.

The average person can also purchase a car that uses less fossil fuel than other cars. Big ole trucks, for instance, generally give out more CO2 emissions than smaller cars who get a better gas mileage. The smaller cars may also run on battery power rather than fossil fuels or a mix of both, which reduces emissions.

Then there are motorcoaches. Motorcoach travel is still one of the most popular in America, seen in inner cities and especially downtown areas where foot travel and bus travel are easier as buildings and companies are less spaced out than in suburban or midtown areas.

Motorcoaches have several advantages to the environment than typical vehicles. They have the least CO2 per passenger than all other vehicles, including cars, trucks, trains, and planes. Each full motorcoach has the potential of reducing 55 cars from the highway, reducing congestion, cutting energy use, and reducing emissions.

Motorcoaches are three times more efficient in terms of using CO2 than commuter rail and six times more efficient than transit buses. They are also big the economy as thousands of dollars come into local communities when motorcoaches stop at a location for the night.

For every $1 invested in motor coach travel, $1.65 gets invested in other sectors of economy, leading to $1.2 billion spent on tour and travel each year.

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