Six Things You Must See in Israel

Trip to israel

If you?re looking to take a trip that you?ll remember for years to come, and which might even change you, think about a flight to Israel. If you’re considering a trip to this fascinating and historic land, here are six must-sees that everyone should have on their bucket list:

  1. Hop on a Plane to See?The Dead Sea: This amazing body of water is 1,388 feet below sea level. It?s the lowest land elevation on our planet! Its high salt content makes it great fun to float in, but also good for your health as well. The area around it couldn?t be more beautiful, and immersing yourself in Dead Sea mud is an experience that will relax and rejuvenate you, mind and body.
  2. Hop on a Plane to See?Jerusalem: No trip to Israel is complete without a visit to its largest city, with a population of 865,700. It?s a place where the three biggest religions in the world come together, and visiting it is a way to step back in time while staying on your own two feet. From the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, to the myriad of cuisines and museums, there?s so much to see and learn that you won?t be able to pack it all in.
  3. Hop on a Plane to See?The Golan Heights: If you like hiking, the Golan Heights are for you. The region’s mountains offer trails of different difficulties and lengths, depending on the time of year, and are a particularly gorgeous visit in spring. In the winter, there?s skiing at Herman Mountain, and nature reserves to visit year-round.
  4. Hop on a Plane to See?The Sea of Galilee: This is the largest freshwater lake in the country, with a long and well-known history. The New Testament records it as one of the places Jesus spent a lot of his time, and today there are many opportunities for water sports, raft-building, or other relaxing activities at this beautiful stop.
  5. Hop on a Plane to See?Acre: This amazing region is marked by the different cultures who have ruled here: the Ottomans and the Crusaders, among others. All have left their mark culturally and architecturally. This is a port city with gorgeous coastline, amazing restaurants, markets, and water activities of all kinds.
  6. Hop on a Plane to See…Tel Aviv Also known as the “White City,” Tel Aviv is Israel’s second-largest city at 380,000. It boasts gorgeous beaches, great nightlife, all kinds of markets and bazaars, good food, and a diverse and open-minded population. There are also plenty of museums to visit, and some of the biggest yearly events in Israel take place here, like the Purim Street Party, Fashion Week, and the Gay Pride Parade.

How To Travel There

There are direct flights to Jerusalem from New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston. If you’ve got other European destinations on your list, there are lots of flights between nearly every major city in Europe and Israel; or you could consider taking a ship from Greece. There’s one ferry that runs service between Greece, Israel, and Cyprus on a regular basis.

However you get there, consider putting Israel on your list of holiday destinations. With all the history, culture, and natural beauty it has to offer, you’ll never forget your trip to Israel.

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