A Good Vacation Should Be Well-Rounded And Nicely Planned The Growing Appeal Of Carter Caves

Summer is getting closer and closer. Soon those cloudy days and drops in temperature are going to be replaced with endless sun and good times. Are you and your family prepared?

A good family vacation is built on not just ambition, but smart planning. It’s time to be honest about what you hope to get out of your time off. Far too many working Americans are completely burnt out from school or work (or both!), turning to vacation as their proverbial trip to the doctor’s. When they fail to plan out activities or determine a safe budget, though, this just ends up being a new form of stress…that just happens to be next to the beach! Give yourself the knowledge necessary to enjoy your vacation properly and check out the list below.

All good vacations have a foundation of sincerity, planning, and organization. Here are five basics you should have on-hand to turn this summer into a success!

Americans Are Burning Out More And More

Burnout is a very real issue you should be aware of. According to recent studies working Americans are facing some of the highest reported incidents of burnout in history. Burnout is characterized by a uniform exhaustion that seems to drape over every single aspect of your life, from socializing to even sleeping. The only way to counteract burnout is by taking a nice break that allows you to replenish your physical, mental, and emotional health stores. Yes, that means no checking your e-mail while at the beach!

All Vacations Should Look A Little Different

The summer vacation is a fun break that means something different to everybody. For some it’s a good way to catch up with friends and fill in the gaps left by long, merciless work hours. For others it’s valued alone time to go hiking, swimming, or cycling. A 2017 poll by Gallup found nearly 60% of Americans took a vacation away from home. While you could be tempted to go to your usual campsite or bar-hopping excursion, stepping out of the bounds of your city might be what you need.

Some New Sights And Fresh Air Never Hurt Anybody

Put down your usual plan and start thinking outside the box. Your family vacation could be aching for a new spin on the same old formula! A recent study asked American families what, exactly, they look for in their vacation these days. Nearly 40% stated vacations just make them happy, with the activity that matters most to them just being time with loved ones. When you find some new places to visit on top of your reunion, you can come back from your free weekend completely invigorated.

Enjoy Some Good, Old-Fashioned Nature This Time

The United States is a huge place. What parts of the country are you yet to visit? The Carter Caves state resort park in Kentucky isn’t a bad place to start, particularly if you’re wanting a well-rounded family vacation venture. A Carter Caves lodge can give you perfect access to a wide variety of activities, ranging from hiking along beautiful mountain trails to long, relaxing hours fishing in one of their many winding rivers. Tourism in Kentucky has been steadily rising these past few years…and you can partially thank burnout for that!

The Perfect Family Vacation Comes With A Checklist

Adventure is all well and good on paper, but planning out your tourist family vacation will save you from some less-than-pleasant surprises. Sit down with your family and friends and talk to them about what they’d like to do during their stay. Make sure you’re all good to go when it comes to medication, sun protection, and toiletries. Your budget should also be balanced enough to include lodging, food, memorabilia, equipment, and gas. If you’re staying at a Carter Caves campground, be sure to double-check the safety measures they have posted!

Summer’s just about here. Jot down some notes now so you can hit the ground running later!

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