Finding Private Air Charter Flights Make Travel Convenient

A private air charter would be a perfect solution. As you get closer and closer to the trip of a lifetime, you are beginning to wonder if you have all of the details figured out. As a way to celebrate your younger daughter graduating from high school, your older daughter graduating from college, and you and your husband’s 30th anniversary you have been planning this trip to Greece for almost a year.

You are staying the first three nights in Athens and are then staying on the island of Peros for rest of the trip. In the middle of the longer stay on the small island, however, you would like to go spend one or two nights on the island of Snatorini. The plans for getting to and from the island of Santorini, however, are not settled. There are some island ferries that provide a service but because you do not the exact dates you have not yet purchased tickets. There are some airlines that cover this route, but you are not sure of their reliability. Your husband’s most recent idea was to talk to the property owner of the place where you are staying for the better part of two weeks and see if he knows the name of someone who offers private jet charter flights to and from Santorini. That is a workable option, but you have not yet made any reservations.

Private Jet Charter Costs Often Make Economical Sense

A private air charter flight can be scheduled on your schedule, allowing you to travel back and forth in the same day. This one day trip eliminates the cost of hotel and car rental and allows you to get back to the office for work the next day. In addition to being easier to schedule than commercial flights, private air travel also means that you will be able to work while you are on the plane. Instead of taking hours in security and baggage lines, private air travelers simply arrive at the airport and sit in their spacious seats and enjoy the ample working space. More than $300 billion is spent on business travel in the U.S. every year, and much of this money is spent on airfare. And while domestic travelers make up 85% of the total traveling expenditures in the U.S., there are a fraction of these travelers who have the opportunity to fly on luxury private jet charters.

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