Rest, Relaxation, And Romance Why You Should Try A Carriage Tour

In the United States, there comes a time when human beings need a vacation. After working hard all year with various jobs, school, and responsibilities, we need some rest and relaxation. One popular vacation destination is Charleston, South Carolina (it was ranked number one on Travel and Leisure “World’s Best Cities”). In fact, this quaint town overflowing with 300 years of history attracts hundreds of thousands of vacationers each year. This place is truly fascinating. If you’re going on vacation, and decided on Charleston, here is why you should try a Charleston carriage tour.

Charleston Carriage Rides

Horse carriage rides in charleston sc are, quite understandably, one of the elements Charleston is known for. The purpose of the horse drawn carriage rides is to teach visitors about Charleston. These carriage rides journey through historic downtown Charleston for an hour. In this hour, you can take in all the beauty and sites Charleston has to offer. Additionally, be prepared to have fun, because the guides are sure to entertain you! It’s important to note that each guide brings something unique to each tour, so no tour is the same! How interesting is that? Lastly, when the tour is over, you will know about history, buildings (architecture), and the renowned individuals who made up this lovely city.

Now, Charleston is a pretty big city. This means that there are a lot of sites to see, a lot of people who want to partake in a tour, and a lot of tours. Because of this, there is a certain process each carriage tour employs. Once you purchase your tickets for your carriage tour, and you enter the carriage, your guide will drive to a space that has a lottery system. This lottery system is random, and it helps your guide choose what route your tour will drive down. Each carriage tour will take a different route and this makes sure that there isn’t too much traffic on the roads. We don’t want various horses and carriages backing up roads. However, because of this system, you can go on multiple carriage tours on various days, and essentially see a different part of Charleston!

Aside from the lottery system, another important thing to consider before booking a carriage tour is weather. You should try a carriage tour during the fall when humidity is not prevalent.

So, now you know to try carriage rides in Charleston so you can truly appreciate the beauty of this big city (in all its parts), and so you can learn about its rich history. However, there are other reasons to try a carriage tour!

Evening Tours

Many individuals book tours during the morning hours and afternoon hours, but there are evening carriage tours. Evening carriage tours provide you with a different feeling than tours done during the morning and afternoon. Charleston at sunset or at night is breathtakingly beautiful. Buildings are lit up, some restaurants have string lights hanging outside, they look like fireflies floating in the air. Additionally, if you take an evening carriage tour, you get a glimpse at the night life of Charleston. It’s brimming with happiness, romance, and history- all in the sunset or dark. If you’re interested in going to the beach or visiting other sites during the day, you should try an evening carriage tour in Charleston.

Private Horse Tour

As previously mentioned, evening carriage tours can embody romance. However, a private horse tour completely encapsulate romance. A private horse tour is much like it sounds, private. This means that you and your significant other, or family can take a carriage ride alone. Additionally, a private horse tour is available during the daytime and the evening. It is also important to note that a private horse tour in Charleston fits up to four people. This type of tour is extremely romantic. You can see famous buildings, mansions, houses of well-known Charleston residents, Charleston parks, churches, etc. all in the Holy City with the person you love. This ride is intimate and unique. If you’re in Charleston with the person or people you love, try a private horse tour.

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