Visiting Charleston Soon? Experience This Amazing City With A Horse Carriage Tour

Charleston is a beautiful and historic city, and there are hundreds of things to do and see while there. If you are planning to visit this iconic city, one activity you should look into is horse carriage tours. Not only do they help transport you back in time, but they are memorable and fun activity for the whole family! It is also a great and unique way to see this amazing city while you’re there.

What To Know Before Going On Horse Drawn Carriage Tours In Charleston.

Before booking your carriage tour here are a few things you should know.

  • The Tour. When booking carriage rides don’t worry about sifting through every company to pick the best route. In fact, all carriage companies are regulated by the city of Charleston with routes being separated into 4 different pre-routed sections. This is because the city doesn’t want to create any safety or traffic issues during tours, and because all carriage companies use these routes, the one you take will be up to random luck. Once you board your carriage a randomly drawn ball will determine which section you will visit. However, each section is absolutely gorgeous, and sure to be both fascinating and memorable.
  • Unique Experiences. The section your horse carriage tours go on isn’t just unique because of location, but no two trips, even on the same route, will be the same. This is because tour guides make the ride even more amazing. Not only are they highly knowledgeable about the routes history, but they’re almost always charismatic and entertaining in their own right. There is no script that they go by, which helps add to the spontaneity and uniqueness of the experience.
  • The Horses. When you take a horse carriage tour you expect to see the huge, strong draft horses pulling you along, and on some tours this will definitely be the case; however, sometimes you may have mules pulling the carriage. This is because mules were originally used alongside horses to pull carriages way back when. In fact if you’re looking for another activity while visiting you can head over to Guignard Street and meet some of them one on one at the big red barn! This can be fun, especially if you’re visiting with kids!
  • Time Of Day. If you are visiting during the hotter months of July and August, consider booking your tour for earlier in the day when temperatures will be lower. If temperatures get too high horse carriage tours will be suspended to ensure the animals safety. Depending on when you’re visiting, this is something to definitely keep in mind.
  • Booking. During popular weekends it’s important to book your tickets in advance, just to prevent long wait times; however, it’s not a necessity on average days. It is worth noting that specialty tours such as the civil war, slavery to freedom, and certain ‘romantic’ tours will require you to book in advance due to the higher demand and the type of tour offered.

If you are visiting Charleston, or even if you live nearby, horse carriage tours offer a unique and memorable way to experience the city. There are many different companies that offer this service, and they are definitely something to consider if you want to get the most out of your Charleston visit.

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