The Best Ways to Tour Alaska

Nearly all surveyed American workers agree that taking vacations is important to them, since a vacation is a fine opportunity to see and experience exotic new things far from home. It’s a great way to relax and recharge, and many Americans take part in the domestic tourism trade. Visiting different states and regions of the United States is a big business, and it supports countless jobs at airports, hotels, and more. Where are all these tourists going? Many of them visit historic cities or regions such as Boston and the colonial states, while others are going to the sunny, warm beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii. But there is another option, one that is excellent for outdoors enthusiasts: Alaska. This northern state is not a miserable tundra; it has bountiful opportunities for hiking, helicopter tours, visiting historic sites, and even dog sledding. In any time of the year, Alaska can be great fun for tourists, and this especially applies to those who love the outdoors.

Taking Helicopter Tours in Alaska

There is much more to Alaska than ice and snow, and this massive state has lakes, forests, glaciers, and much more for tourists to see. Not everyone is a rugged outdoors expert, but they don’t have to if they opt for helicopter tours. States such as Alaska and Hawaii have a lot of natural beauty that is best seen from above, and hence, helicopter tour (or “flightseeing”) is a fine idea for any tourist. From the safety and vantage point of a civilian helicopter, a tourist can see the vast panoramas of Alaska, and booking these helicopter tours is best done well in advance. An interested tourist can look up “glacier flights” or “flightseeing anchorage” online and find some results, choose a time slot that fits their schedule, and book one. Doing this several weeks or even a few months in advance is best, to get the desired time slots. In some cases, a tourist might find and book a helicopter tour first, and then plan the rest of their vacation around it if that proves easier.

Once the tourist group arrives in Alaska and visits the air base, they may meet the pilots and staff, look over the helicopters, and choose one that they want to ride in. Everyone will get on board and put on headsets, and the helicopter will take off and fly along a pre-determined route. During this time, the tour guide can explain local history and facts, and answer questions via headsets (helicopters are loud). These helicopters will fly in all but the worst weather. And in some cases, the vehicle may land atop a glacier, and tourists may get out and walk around a bit, if they want to.

Other Tourism Activities

A helicopter flight is a great way to see what Alaska has to offer, but that’s not the only option. Many tourists to Alaska are outdoors enthusiasts and experts, and this state offers unique opportunities. Many people visit Alaska, and visitors spent $3.2 billion there since 2015, and tourism in that state has generated 43,000 jobs. Often, these tourists will rent log cabins out in the wilds rather than a hotel room in the cities, to be closer to nature. Tours by dogsled are a rustic and classic way to get around in this state when there is enough snow on the ground, and many outdoors lovers can also go hiking and sightseeing during fair weather in the forests, hills, and more. Nature lovers can observe, photograph, and sketch all kinds of plants and animals that they wouldn’t find in their own home state. Some outdoor lovers may also go kayaking in Alaska’s streams and rapids, and they can also go rock climbing or mountain climbing.

Visiting Alaska is also a fine time for fishing and hunting. An angler can visit the state’s rivers and streams to catch local fish (and obey wildlife conservation laws), and of course, they can also go ice fishing on frozen lakes. Many ice fishing cabins may already be available for use. Big game hunters can look for game such as bear or elk or other legal game animals, and they can get a trophy animal they wouldn’t find back home.

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