A Rich Adventure That Lasts A Lifetime Go Dog Sledding For Your Next Great 2020 Vacation

Vacation time is a word that can sound a little…strange when you’re an American.

If you’re not worried about missing out on work, you’re worried about getting the most bang for your buck. Many Americans today either don’t take vacation time or don’t go all the way. Is it any wonder the country is facing some of its most severe rates of burnout? When you’re starting to feel the weight of the world pressing in on your shoulders, it’s time to put your to-do list away and plan out a vacation. Fortunately for you, Alaska is right around the corner and ready to deliver.

Go dog sledding through the snowy tundra. Enjoy a flightseeing tour and take some incredible photos for your Alaska glacier wedding. The Last Frontier is how you let your spirit soar.

Vacations Are Good For Your Mental And Physical Health

This may come as no surprise: vacations really are an effective form of medication. They give you a much-needed break from the toll of the workweek, allowing you to recuperate one day at a time. Several studies have been conducted to analyze the positive impact vacation has on our health, including one on heart disease. Men at risk for this condition who skipped vacations for five consecutive years had a 30% higher chance of suffering heart attacks. Those that took a week off or more each year, however, were much better off.

Alaska Has A Rich And Fascinating History Waiting To Be Explored

When you go dog sledding, you do more than have fun at a fast pace. You give yourself a breath of fresh air that lasts for years! Alaska is nicknamed ‘The Last Frontier’ for its incredible wilderness, virtually untouched for many hundreds of years. Believe it or not, the Alaskan state flag was originally designed by a 13 year-old boy. The state called on its students to submit their ideas, ultimately deciding on Benny Benson’s scene of the Big Dipper and North Star.

There Is Rich Wildlife And Animal Life As Far As The Eye Can See

Are you a fan of the great outdoors? You’ll fall in love all over again when you go dog sledding on your anniversary. Over 900,000 caribou roam in 32 herds across Alaska’s incredible tundra landscape, able to be viewed on foot or by helicopter. The national bird is abundant in Alaska, with around 30,000 birds residing in the state overall. It’s estimated over 100,000 black bears live in Alaska, to boot.

Tourist Activity Is Starting To Pick Up Again

Now’s a great time to review your vacation packages. Tourist activity is picking up in Alaska, after all, and you want to get your applications in before all the best spots are taken. Throughout Alaska visitors have spent over $3 billion, with tourism alone creating over 43,000 jobs. This is a significant increase of the 3,600 jobs back in 2015. Your dollar does a great deal to stimulate the local economy and keep things rolling without a hitch.

There Are A Thousand Things To Do When You Visit Alaska

Do you want to go dog sledding or try a lovely glacier flight? Are you eager to snap some shots of the caribou herds or try your hand at bird-watching? No matter what tickles your fancy, Alaska is prepared to give you an unforgettable experience. To wrap things up, Ernst and Young conducted an internal study of its employees concerning their relationship with vacations. They found that, for every 10 hours of vacation time workers took, their year-end performance ratings improved by 7%.

Vacation shouldn’t be a funny word. It should inspire adventure in even the most weary of souls! Take a helicopter ride in 2020 and experience some of the world with the best view.

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