6 Interesting Things to do When You Visiting Waikiki

Waikiki is one of the neighborhoods of Honolulu you can visit and it’s a great vacation spot for shopping, culture, entertainment, and mingling with the locals. Popularly known for its long stretch of white sand beach, Waikiki remains to be on top of the list of great destinations for vacationers and surfing enthusiasts alike. Here is a list of 8 things to do in this top-rated destination, including enjoying helicopter tours in Waikiki.

Take a Sunbath or Long Walks on Waikiki Beach

The pleasant white sand beaches of Waikiki offers tourists a great place to soak up the sun and enjoy a beautiful Hawaiian sunset on the backdrop of breathtaking Diamond Head crater. In addition to having one of the longest stretches of sand, this popular travel destination offers a nightlife compared to none.

Riding The Waves of Waikiki

Known for its popular surf beach, beautiful waters of Waikiki beach attracts visitors from all around the world and rabid fun of watersports find this place heaven on earth. The pristine blue waters allow you to enjoy surfboarding as you surf through the waves. The beach typically has plenty of gentle rollers perfect for experts and beginners alike. Try other watersports such as jet skiing and kayakiing, which offer the ultimate fun and experience.

Diamond Head Hike

This is one of the world’s most wondrous natural beauty of Hawaii situated just minutes from Waikiki. Diamond Head is a volcanic crater that offers a great sightseeing adventure for nature trails and hiking, which is what most visitors love to do when they visit this place. The hiking trail is 1.2 kilometers and typically it takes about 45 minutes to hike to the top – brace yourself for a steep walk up the summit and as you get to the top you get to enjoy the breathtaking views of Waikiki and the Pacific Ocean.

Another great way to enjoy what Diamond Head has to offer is through helicopter tours in Waikiki. This is a nice way to taking in scenic sights of the crater’s topography and other fascinating landscapes.

Visit the Hawaiian US Army Museum

Once a bastion fort built to protect the island from invading forces, this structure has been preserved to host the rich military history of American men and women in defense of their freedom during world war 2. Today the museum serves as a great attraction sight with most of the artifacts and military equipment well preserved. Best of all, there no charges to access the museum and it’s situated close to the beach, so you don’t have to travel for long.

Check Out The Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial

Learn a bit of history on what exactly happened on December 7, 1941, by visiting the USS Arizona Memorial which is built to commemorate the sailors who paid the ultimate price with their lives. The memorial is a piece of art by itself and it’s designed to look like a sinking ship with names of all the fallen engraved on a wall.

Enjoy Great Spots Along Kalakaua Avenue

Kalakaua Avenue forms the heart of Waikiki and an important thoroughfare that hosts the town’s most notable hotels, shopping stores, shops and restaurants. There’s plenty to do here and a lot of good places to shop or enjoy some local cuisines. Most restaurants around this area offer local and modern cuisine with a wide range of seafood. The also has nice watering joints where you can delight on your favorite cocktail, wine or beer. When you visit this place you also get to mingle with the locals and get to appreciate their cultural diversity.

For the ultimate experience, you wouldn’t want to miss Hawaii helicopter tours in Waikiki, which is a nice way of exploring the area from aerial view while appreciating the breathtaking scenic views of what the island has to offer. There are many companies that offer helicopter tours in Waikiki and choosing the right one can mean all the difference.

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