The Great Equalizer Of Personalized Vacations Go Dog Sledding In The Beautiful Alaskan Tundra

Vacations mean something different to everyone. What may make one person’s heart sing could end up entirely boring to another. What makes Alaska so popular among several demographics, then?

Some would say the ability to go dog sledding is their number one. Others may cite the brilliant mountains, forests, and lakes that make up this massive state. One way or another, there’s something to celebrate when you sign up for an Alaska glacier wedding. A special occasion should be given the environment to match. Just one helicopter ride across the vast tundras of Alaska could completely change the way you look at not just a special day, but your life as a whole.

Breathe in the spirit of adventure. Read below to learn more about glacier flights in Alaska and why they’re the go-to for millions of travelers today.

Regular Alaskan Tourism Means Your Dollar Travels Far

Here’s something to make any philanthropist happy: Alaskan tourism depends on your dollar to thrive. In the Interior Alaska visitors spent nearly $480 million, creating 8,500 jobs related to the tourism industry. Throughout the entire state, however, visitors spent a collective $3 billion, birthing 43,000 jobs overall. This ranges from (but isn’t limited to) helicopter rides, wildlife management, advertising, you name it! Help keep the state healthy by signing up for Anchorage helicopter tours.

Experience The Thriving Wildlife Of The Alaskan Tundra

Bring up Alaska and the first thing most people will mention is its incredible natural beauty. It’s home to several thriving animal populations you won’t see in great number elsewhere in the United States. More than 900,000 caribou can be found roaming in massive herds throughout the landscape, for starters. There are over 100,000 black bears that live in Alaska, too, and they thrive alongside 30,000 birds. You name it, there’s an animal to be spotted and appreciated.

Enjoy The Stunning Mountain Ranges, Forests, And Lakes

It’s not just a caribou herd you can snap on your camera. Alaska boasts some of the most stunning and well-maintained environments around the world, setting the bar for untouched wilderness. Seventeen of the highest 20 peaks in the United States are located right in the Last Frontier, surrounded by rich forests and sparkling lakes. When you go dog sledding, take a moment to stop and snap a photo. You won’t regret it.

Go Dog Sledding With Experienced Professionals And A Loved One

An iconic staple of Alaska are the tireless dog sled teams, tearing through the snow and hearkening to older times. Since the 2010’s recession-attributed slump of just two million visitors, Alaska has seen its tourism rates bounce back by an impressive 25%. These are due in no small part to the ability to take helicopter tours or go dog sledding during vacations. Your time off is special, of course, and only the very best accommodation will do. Do something special for your anniversary and sign up for a glacier flight instead of the same, dull visit to the casino.

Helicopter Rides Will Have You Looking At Life In A New Way

Let’s top off this list with the most breathtaking example of an Alaskan vacation: helicopter rides. Going to a tourist shop or sightseeing with the rest of the tourists isn’t a bad way to spend your time, but your time off deserves something memorable. Glacier flights will oversee Alaska’s most notable landmarks, from its mountains to its lakes. You’ll be able to take some of the most incredible videos or photos for your family album, many of which you could only dream of without a new angle on your side. Sound fun?

Sign up your special anniversary event for a dogsled tour this year and see what the fuss is all about!

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