Bed and Breakfast Features That’ll Draw in New Customers

Opening a bed and breakfast is a great way to operate your own business while giving back to your local community. If you are thinking of opening your own B&B, regardless of your chosen location, there are a few bed and breakfast features to consider investing in along the way. The right bed and breakfast features will not only help you to make a name for yourself, but they will also help attract new guests through the years to ensure ongoing success.

High-End Furniture and Bedding

When it comes to stunning bed and breakfast features, you can’t go wrong with investing in high-end furniture and bedding. Bedding and furniture are paramount when building a bed and breakfast, especially if you want to provide your guests with the most comfortable and luxurious experience possible. Investing in high end mattresses for each of the bedrooms your B&B contains is highly advisable if you want to get started on the right track when it comes to finding the ideal high-end furniture and bedding for your establishment.

How to Find the Best High-End Furniture and Bedding for a Bed and Breakfast

If you are shopping for high-end furniture and bedding for a bed and breakfast, you will want to set a budget ahead of time while considering the number of rooms you intend to furnish at once. Shopping for high-end furniture and bedding for a B&B is possible by visiting traditional stores and outlets, and also by browsing online or seeking wholesale distributors. Working with a wholesaler is highly recommended if you are furnishing multiple rooms simultaneously and are interested in purchasing in bulk at a steep discount.

Benefits of Working With Local Wholesalers

Anytime you are in the process of launching your own bed and breakfast, making the right connections can make a world of difference when it comes time to purchase decor, furnishings, and even high-end bedding. Connecting and networking with local wholesalers is a way to compare prices, inventory, and quality ahead of time before placing an order for your own bed and breakfast. Local wholesales will also work with you to lower the cost of your total purchase if you choose to do so by buying multiple pieces of furniture, mattresses, and bedding at one time.

Access to Local Sports

If you want to attract as many patrons as possible to your bed and breakfast, location is key. As the saying goes in real estate, ‘Location, location location’. Finding a suitable location for your bed and breakfast may be tricky, depending on where you currently reside and plan to invest in. Choosing a bed and breakfast location that is near local sports or even a world-renowned country club can help your B&B stand out among the rest, especially if you are choosing to open your hotel in an area that is rife with competition.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Location for a Bed and Breakfast

The location of your bed and breakfast will determine how much traffic your hotel receives and whether you receive mostly local visitors or out-of-town guests and tourists. The right location for your bed and breakfast can ultimately mean the difference between failure and success, especially if you are just getting started for the first time or if there are a few competitive locations that surround you. The perfect location for a bed and breakfast can keep you operating for years to come with the proper management and vision in place.

How to Choose the Best Location for Your Bed and Breakfast

Finding the perfect location for your bed and breakfast will first require you to consider the audience and demographics you intend to appeal to with your lodging and bed and breakfast features. Knowing your core audience will help determine which area is best for your bed and breakfast based on your surroundings and other business establishments in the nearby area and community. Take time to research the locations you are interested in for your own B&B online, where you can gain valuable insight about the properties you’re thinking of investing in and surrounding crime rates, statistics, and demographics.

Benefits of Searching for a Bed and Breakfast Location Online

Searching for a location for your bed and breakfast online will provide you with more options and possibilities than being limited to a small, local area near you. Browsing online for commercial locations will allow you to do so by setting specific budgets and by selecting features and amenities that are important or required in any property that appears. This will help save time while comparing the details, photos, exterior, and interior of a space before scheduling an appointment for a tour or walkthrough.

Choosing to search for a bed and breakfast location online is also a way for you to become much more familiar with your surroundings, crime statistics, and neighborhood features. Immersing yourself in nearby local communities can also help you to determine which areas are thriving and which locations could use additional business such as a bed and breakfast. Knowing your audience and surroundings will help you to guarantee as much success as possible once you are ready to move forward with the process of building, establishing, and launching your very own B&B.

Beautiful Landscaping

Curbside appeal is extremely important when it comes to establishing a successful bed and breakfast. Whether you’re in need of erosion control services or if you want to learn more about residential landscaping material that is ideal for the exterior of your bed and breakfast location, you can do so by working with professional commercial landscapers. Commercial landscapers are not only well-versed in different layouts, plants, flowers, and trees that are ideal for your specific location and region, but they will also ensure the outcome of your landscaping is exactly as you originally envisioned.

The Importance of Professional Landscaping at a Bed and Breakfast

When you are in the process of establishing your bed and breakfast for the very first time, you may only have one opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression on potential patrons and guests. To do so, improving and enhancing the exterior of your bed and breakfast establishment itself is key. The more time and effort you put into updating the exterior of your bed and breakfast’s location, the easier it will be to attract new guests.

Advantages of Working With a Commercial Landscaper or Landscaping Company

Hiring a commercial landscaping company is a way to create a beautiful landscaping layout surrounding the exterior of your bed and breakfast establishment. Local commercial landscapers can help you choose plants, flowers, and trees that will help accentuate your building’s structure and architecture. Additionally, professional landscapers typically have experience with a wide range of projects, and can show you their work using a portfolio, offline or digitally. Reviewing the portfolio of your preferred landscaper can spark ideas and the inspiration you need for your own bed and breakfast’s landscaping and design.

Proximity to Restaurants and Bars

While you are brainstorming bed and breakfast features that you want to incorporate with your own venture, consider the proximity to restaurants and bars of your current location. Choosing a location for your bed and breakfast that is near really good sushi or another excellent local restaurant can help attract patrons. Additionally, networking and connecting with local establishments can help you to promote one another while referring customers and guests to each restaurant or separate location.

A Heated Pool

One of the most sought-after bed and breakfast features includes swimming pools and a heated pool. If you want your B&B location to stand out and attract as many guests as possible, investing in a heated pool is one route to consider taking. When you want to invest in a heated pool, it’s best to do so only after you’ve located a local pool contractor that you can trust and rely on to get the job done right.

How to Find the Right Pool Contractor

Investing in a swimming pool is no small feat, especially if you intend to invest in a large heated pool that is suitable for the number of guests you plan to host in your bed and breakfast. Working with a swimming pool contractor is a way to protect the work that is done on your property with work warranties and guarantees. Also, pool contractors who work for reputable companies are also insured, helping to provide an additional layer of protection to any pool installation job you require.

A Luxury Hot Tub

When you are brainstorming luxury bed and breakfast features that you can invest in, consider a high-class hot tub. Investing in a luxury hot tub for suite rooms or for a public space you have created in your bed and breakfast can go a long way in attracting new guests and patrons. Anytime you are thinking of installing a new hot tub anywhere in or around your bed and breakfast, you should do so with the help of a professional hot tub contractor.

Benefits of Hiring a Contractor to Install a Brand-New Hot Tub

Installing a hot tub may seem straightforward, but it is best to do so with the assistance of a professional contractor if you are installing a hot tub inside a room in your bed and breakfast or even outside your commercial operation. Professional contractors are not only well-versed in the installation process of new hot tubs, but they also abide by laws and regulations that may currently be in effect based on your location and where you intend to install the hot tub. If you are planning to install hot tubs inside your bed and breakfast in a suite or bathroom, you should always do so with a contractor by your side to insure and protect any of the work that is done.

Smart Cooling and Heating

One of the most vital bed and breakfast features to consider if you are just getting involved with the industry for the first time includes smart cooling and heating solutions. Whether your current heating system is outdated or if you’re interested in investing in more sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, you can do so by working with HVAC specialists who are familiar with current HVAC systems, wind vented roof installation solutions, and modernized upgrades that are suitable for your bed and breakfast location.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional HVAC Company or Contractor

Maintaining a comfortable and reliable temperature in your bed and breakfast year-round is imperative if you want to keep your guests satisfied and returning again in the future. Investing in a new HVAC system is not always as simple as choosing the latest furnace or air conditioner that is available and affordable to you on the market. Working with an HVAC company or contractor can ensure you are making the right decisions whether you’re in the market for a traditional furnace, central cooling systems, or if you want to learn more about modern energy efficiency that is optimal for your B&B.

How to Locate a Trusted HVAC Company Near You

Whether your bed and breakfast location’s HVAC system is outdated and no longer running efficiently or if you’re thinking of updating your entire system itself, a trusted HVAC company and contractor can provide you with a thorough inspection to determine your needs. Trusted HVAC companies are also well-versed in current HVAC trends, which can help you choose a furnace and air conditioning system that is just right for the number of rooms you currently offer in your bed and breakfast. All work conducted by a professionally licensed and insured HVAC company is also covered under warranty, protecting your investment from potential damages or issues.

Owning and operating a successful B&B requires just the right bed and breakfast features for the demographics and type of guests you want to appeal to and attract. Taking the time to invest in suitable bed and breakfast features for your guests can have a significant impact on their overall experience, which may prompt them to visit again in the future or refer your bed and breakfast to friends and family members they know. The more invested you are in ensuring a positive experience for your bed and breakfast guests with the right features, the easier it will be to remain in business for years to come.

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