15 Tips for Opening a Successful BnB

Traveling and peace of mind go hand in hand. In fact, in the United States, roughly 96% of Americans say vacation time is important to them. This is for good reason! It takes a lot of hard work and accumulated hours to be able to save up for a vacation. When people go on vacation, chances are they want to stay in only the best hotels, inns, getaways, and most importantly bed and breakfasts!

What is a BnB?

The acronym BnB might sound familiar to you, as it is part of the name of the now popular Air BnB service. Air BnB accommodates travelling visitors by allowing them to stay in a host’s home and set up accommodations cheaper than traditional hotels. But a traditional bnb, or bed and breakfast, is just as good, cheap, and can create a great experience for tourists if ran by a good owner. If you’re thinking about opening a bnb, don’t be discouraged by new air bnb’s, as these are less popular with certain crowds and also carry risks of their own. For one, an air bnb might be prone to strangers that are utilizing the app to lure people in. Air bnb’s might also lead people to stay in less than desirable areas and housing that can be dangerous. A traditional bnb is a viable business that you can open up, and can last you for decades to come. Opening a bnb requires dedication, passion, hard work, income, and most importantly the desire to offer only the best customer service. If you’re thinking of opening a bnb, these are 15 tips to help get your passion fired up.

1. Location Location Location

The most important aspect of opening a bnb is the location of your future business. Without a great location, you can be sure you will have no tourism, no visitors, and therefore make very little to no money. It’s highly essential that you are familiar with the customer service industry before opening a bnb, and also be familiar with the location you are opening up a bnb in. Does it have visitors year-round? Will it be visible to others? Is it in a desirable area or tucked away? Your location will make or break your business.

2. Do Market Research

Tied into your location is the market research that goes behind opening a bnb. If you don’t already know, marketing research is the gathering of information on visitors, current products or services and their competitors, and the overall success of the market in the current time. For example, due to COVID-19, the market behind hotels and other travel luxury businesses are suffering. But once travelling and tourism opens up again, so will the market for bnb’s, hotels and other travel goods. It’s important to do extensive market research to find out the average rate customers are charged, what makes a bnb in your particular area successful, and if there’s a need in the market for a change. For instance, to customers want custom pools? Bigger or cozier rooms? All these questions can be answered through customer surveys, internet research, and one on one conversations with other bnb owners.

3. Get a Business Loan

After you’re sure you know the location of where you want your BnB, have done extensive research and know you’re in the right business, it’s time to consider business loan options. Business loans and mortgages for commercial businesses are vastly different than personal loans or home mortgages. Luckily, talking to a professional banker, real estate agent, and other professionals in the business financing fields can help you understand your options for a business loan. In addition, you must also sit down with an accountant to go over finances and learn how much is a good amount to take out in a loan.

4. Research Zoning

Before you make any big decisions on how to build your bnb (if you’re building it from the ground up), or move any further into opening a bnb, it’s important you understand zoning. Zoning varies from county to county, and includes the amount of rooms you’re allows to open, how big or small your bnb can be, and various other factors. Research zoning laws withing your local county before opening a bnb. Failure to do so can result in fines, and worst of all complete closure and loss of your business.

5. Design your Look with Furniture

Once you have the technical aspects out of the way, you can begin to start considering what look you want your bnb to have. Do you want rustic window shutters, or sleek modern class window panes? Should your lobby look like a grand ballroom or have a modern air? The look, design, and furniture choices of your bnb should all take into account your previous marketing research as well. Consider what people you want to attract to your bnb, and how your look can help with that.

6. Hire the Best Staff

The customer service business is nothing without great, friendly staff. Hiring the best staff is essential when opening a bnb, and failure to do so can cause your visitors to never want to come back. Do a thorough interview and vetting process, along with accurate backgrounds to ensure you have only the best concierge, wait staff, and other employees at your bnb.

7. Conduct Thorough Maintenance/Inspections

Opening a bnb can be exciting and fun, but it’s important to not overlook even the most boring, but important, parts of the business. For example, conducting maintenance such as roofing services and plumbing services before opening can save you, and your guests, a headache of problems later on. In addition, proper maintenance must be done on all fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, exists, and alarms.

Failing to do proper inspections and maintenance on these items can cause your business to be open to liability and lawsuits if a guest were to be injured! You might want to rely on the help of industrial roofing contractors to ensure your roofing is in line with industry standards.

8. Get all Proper Licensing

Like the maintenance of air conditioners, rewiring, and other less luxurious aspects of opening a bnb, proper licensing is also vital. If you’re operating as a bnb, chances are you also have food being served in your bnb. Talk to your local state, county, and city officials to ensure you have all appropriate licenses before opening a bnb, and make sure you keep these licenses up to date. If you let a license lapse, it could mean an immediate shut down.

9. Set Up Policies

Once you’ve successfully established your bnb, it’s important to start setting up policies for guests that include contracts, deposits, rates, rules and regulations while staying at your bnb. For example, that ac installation took a lot of money to do, what if a guests damages the ac unit? Is there visitors allowed in a guest’s room? How many days before cancellations are non-refundable? It’s important to draw up all these policies and ensure you are legally covered before even thinking about inviting your first guest into your bnb.

10. Factor in Food and other Expenses

As you might have guests from the name, a bed and breakfast usually offers food along with their guest’s stay. A popular option for hotels is the continental breakfast, which usually consists of simple finger foods, pre-made bakery goods, fruits, and an assortment of hot items and beverages. But, will you also be offering lunch and dinner? Will there be a full restaurant or room service allowed? If you decide to make food a bigger aspect of your bnb, consider what the costs of this new food might be, and how you will go about paying for it. Also, make sure you hire the best cooks that practice good safety techniques, as the taste and quality of your dishes will have a huge impact on your business (for better or worse). Ambien I take a long time, but not often. It is shown in different forms of insomnia, I’m usually nervous. Starts to act quickly enough, steadily tends to sleep, it is impossible to stay on his feet. It is important to take it in the evening just before bedtime. The instructions at https://thefirstmonth.org/amb/ say that the probability of dependence is not high, but still it is! With sleeping pills you need to be very careful not to get carried away by them for months. Personally, after sleeping pills, I get a slight panic that without it I will not fall asleep – so the psychic dependence appears.

11. Set-Up a Website

It’s important to stay current with the times, and keep up with technological trends of the travel industry. For this reason, having a website is the bare minimum you should do when opening a bnb. For one, a website can allow guests to easily view pictures of your bnb, look at reviews, and even book a room and price their stay. You can also consider using a third-party outlet, such as Expedia or Travelocity to have your guests book a suite. Whatever you decide, it’s important that your website be trendy as well. A good design, color scheme, and layout will make it easier for guests to navigate through all your services and accommodation packages, as well as encourage them to book a stay with you without any fuss.

12. Advertise Heavily

It’s important when opening a bnb to advertise your bnb heavily through billboards, your website, flyers, and more importantly social media. All these outlets have the potential to garner attention, but social media is much more interactive and popular with guests today. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional social media promoter, have an in-house photographer to take stunning pictures of your bnb, and seek the help of graphic designers to help advertise your bnb. Ask yourself, what image of the bnb do I want my guests to see? What brand should the bnb have, and how can social media be used to my advantage? Social media, when used correctly, has the power to make customers relate to a business or brand, follow-up on it, and encourage them to visit and re-visit your business. Billboards, flyers, and advertisements through TV or radio can also be helpful. Consider hiring a PR person to help you in your marketing endeavors as well.

13. Consider Hosting Events

It might not be enough to have stellar food, great customer service, and a good location when opening a bnb. Sometimes, hosting events can add a significant amount of revenue to your business, so consider hosting events throughout the year. Weddings, parties, dance-halls, and even prom nights are all good events to consider. Once you decide on hosting events, consider the costs for these as well. For instance, will you need to pay for https://2yb.org/sleep-klonopin/ in order to give a bride their dream outdoor wedding? Will your venue provide a DJ, seating and food? Event planning is an entire different field of its own, but with a little research and dedication, hosting events at your bnb might just be the turning point for your business.

14. Allow for Customer Feedback

When opening a bnb, you’ll want to hear as much customer feedback as possible. With new sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, even Youtube, customers are gaining more and more power with their voice. Giving customers the option to give you feedback can help you in understanding what your business might need improvements on. For example, did they love the jet ski activities you offered, or were they too dangerous? Was there a bed bug problem you didn’t know about? Rude customer service? On the other hand, great customer feedback will make your business all the more stronger and desirable to future guests.

15. Consider Selling/Buying other Properties

Opening a bnb has some setbacks initially. Overhead costs, getting your business known to customers, and finding a steady stream of visitors or events can be frustrating, and cause you to lose hope quickly. Understand that opening a bnb and having it be profitable takes time. Selling your bnb, on the other hand, or buying more than one bnb property can make it easier for you to make money overtime, however. When selling your property or buying new property, talk to a trusted real estate agent for all the details on prices, the market, and other valuable insight. Consider possible remodeling you might have to do, such as bathroom remodeling service or furniture replacement.

Bnb is a Lifestyle

Putting work into a business is never easy, especially a hospitality business dealing with loads of customers who can be angry and rude. However, having the passion to give the best customer service, have your bnb be the greatest in town, and ensuring you give your customers a vacation to remember can help you get through the tough times. Being in the hospitality business is a lifestyle, but can be well worth it and lead to you being the proud owner of the oldest, most successful bnb in town.

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Four Things You Need To Consider When Running A Bed And Breakfast

Running a bed and breakfast can be remarkably difficult, but there’s a reason why it remains a major dream for a lot of Americans. The fact is that operating a bed and breakfast offers you a good deal of freedom. Bed and breakfast owners get to run their own businesses, which allows them to have some measure of control over their own success. For that matter, a bed and breakfast is a remarkably personal business.

Many people convert their own homes into bed and breakfast businesses, while others spend years seeking out the right property to renovate and convert into a bed and breakfast. One of the reasons why people seek out bed and breakfasts rather than typical chain hotels is that they find a unique experience there. It’s homier, and each room is different. Rather than getting some stale continental breakfast, they’re served by the owner, someone they’ll be able to get to know and become familiar with.

Travelers have a limited about of vacation time; and it’s probably no surprise that 96% of Americans report that their vacation time is important to them. So it’s really no wonder that a lot of people would like to spend that time at a place as unique as a bed and breakfast if they can. Therefore, there’s a lot of opportunity for you to make your bed and breakfast dream come true.

With that being said, running any small business is challenging. This is perhaps even more true for those who want to run a bed and breakfast. Because as many advantages as there are to running a very personal business, there’s also a chance that the qualities you like will not appeal to other people.

It’s important to evaluate what you can do to make your bed and breakfast succeed. If your small business is struggling, you should try to do whatever is possible to improve it, and when it comes to hospitality-related businesses, there are fortunately a lot of options. Let’s look into what you can do to make operating a bed and breakfast easier, and to create a business that will both attract customers and fulfill you personally.

1. Create A Maintenance Schedule

It’s easy to get caught up in the fun, or theoretical fun, of operating a bed and breakfast. However, if you fall behind on the practical aspects of maintaining a bed and breakfast, it will stop being fun very quickly. Maintaining a bed and breakfast is a lot like maintaining a house, as at their most basic levels most bed and breakfasts are based within large houses. However, due to the fact that they’re constantly being visited by new guests, these buildings can undergo more stress and damage than the average home.

For that matter, while you can personally put up with certain quirks in your home, guests will be a lot less tolerant of issues within a bed and breakfast. They paid for the stay, and they’ll be sure to reflect it their dissatisfaction through online reviews if you’ve neglected your leaky roof. Therefore, you should set up a structured maintenance schedule in order to make sure that you don’t neglect any of the wear and tear your bed and breakfast might sustain over time.

A great thing about structuring your maintenance in this sense is that it can make it easier for you to build professional relationships with local maintenance companies. For example, it will be a lot easier for you to avoid your roof developing a leak if you work with a reliable roofing contractor who can not only provide the regular roofing services that you need, but also advise you when it comes time to replace your roof. Often, small businesses are able to get better rates on services than residential homeowners would precisely because their service providers understand the value that comes with repeat business.

If your service providers understand that you’re going to need certain inspections on a regular basis, you’ll probably be able to save money in the long term. Of course, it’s not enough to simply structure a schedule. You also need to immediately address any issues that crop up, without delay. When operating a bed and breakfast, it’s your responsibility to not only take care of yourself, but others.

2. Improve The Exterior

The first thing anyone is going to notice about your bed and breakfast is its exterior: that is, the appearance of the building itself as well as the appearance of the surrounding landscape. The same can be said when potential guests look at your bed and breakfast online. It’s important when operating a bed and breakfast, to present a clean, positive, and inviting aesthetic to potential guests. Of course, your bed and breakfast’s exterior needs to connect with the interior as well.

This way, guests can have an immersive experience that will allow them to not only relax but enjoy the bed and breakfast to its fullest extent. There is a lot of effort that goes into maintaining the exterior of your business, and you should treat it just as seriously as you decorating the interior. You’ll want to work closely with a commercial landscaping company, and take their advice regarding how you can best maintain your lawn and garden.

The first thing to ensure is that your exterior looks clean and professional; make sure that the paint job is consistently refreshed and that the exterior itself is power-washed on a regular basis. It would be easy for your gutters to become cluttered over time, and therefore gutter repairs should become a part of exterior maintenance.

Your windows will need to be regularly wiped and washed, and you may also need to replace them more frequently than you perhaps would for your own personal home. Some windows are more energy-efficient than others, and as your energy bills, as a bed and breakfast owner will be relatively high, you’ll want to cut down on them wherever you can.

You should consult with window manufacturers about how best to ensure that hot or cool air doesn’t escape the building any more than it absolutely has to. This will also equal less strain being placed upon the building’s heating and cooling systems. Ultimately, you’ll both be boosting your home’s curb appeal and making it more manageable overall.

3. Create A Relaxing Backyard

Guests visit bed and breakfasts to relax and spend their vacations in a manner more peaceful than that offered by theme parks and big hotels. But if you have a packed bed and breakfast, it’s something of a double-edged sword. Operating a bed and breakfast successfully means attracting as many guests as possible, and ideally being fully booked as much as possible. I’ve tried a lot of drugs for acne. The dermatologist prescribed me Accutane. I didn’t like the effect very much. The pimple, of course, is dried, but the skin around the pimple is also dried and it does not look very attractive. It is difficult to apply makeup. There is more information on the website http://www.stmonicaofmobile.com/accutane-info/.

It can make the interior of the bed and breakfast somewhat busy and overwhelming at times. This means that you should use your resources in order to create a relaxing space outside. This will of course factor somewhat into the curb appeal of your bed and breakfast.

But it’s a good idea to put some of that work into the backyard specifically, which may be somewhat less visible depending on how your bed and breakfast is set up on the road, but will also be important to your guests. You’ll still want to consult with a landscaper, and invest in regular garden maintenance like shrub trimming and appealing plants. Yet more goes into creating a relaxing backyard space for guests.

For one thing, you should think about the different kinds of features that you can add to the backyard. You’ll of course want furniture wherein guests can sit back and enjoy the scenery. This could come in the form of a deck or patio. Why not add in candles, or perhaps a water feature to creating a more calming atmosphere?

Nobody has ever disliked a serene pond or waterfall. With that being said, water features, as well as pools and hot tubs, may come with specific regulations depending on where you live. You’ll want to make sure that appropriate barriers are available, and that guests visiting with children are advised.

Another popular addition to a bed and breakfast’s backyard is a pergola. A pergola is both aesthetically appealing and allows some respite from the shade and heat. You may want to get in touch with a professional contractor in order to seek out options in terms of custom pergolas.

This can offer a route through which you’re able to make your pergola match the overall aesthetic of your bed and breakfast and its interior. There aren’t any specific ways in which you have to customize your bed and breakfast’s exterior, and specifically its backyard. It’s more about creating the type of sense that you really enjoy personally.

4. Remodel The Interior

If you already are operating a bed and breakfast, you should keep an eye on the online reviews, or any personal reviews you receive. It may be difficult to process critiques in a positive way, but there are a lot of things that you can gain from constructive criticism. One thing you should pay particular attention to are the comments regarding your home’s interior and its appearance, as well as its functionality. Your guests can have a lot to say about what could be improved through renovations and remodeling.

Remodeling is something that usually will need to be done eventually for residential homes, and the need for a bed and breakfast to be aesthetically appealing is even stronger. Your guests will want to see photos of your bed and breakfast’s interior online before they book a stay there. If your photos are misleading, they will likely complain; and if your photos show a less than ideal interior, they probably won’t book. With that being said, if you’re having issues when operating a bed and breakfast, you should consider whether or not a remodel is necessary.

It’s important to consider the bathrooms first, as they will be used by a number of different people and therefore will likely develop wear and tear more rapidly than, say, the kitchen which will not be operated by guests in all likelihood. People will want to be able to take a relaxing bath or shower, functionality aside.

Although many bed and breakfasts are not necessarily able to offer an en suite bathroom for all bedrooms, every bathroom should offer least a comfortable shower, if not a bathtub as well. You may want to consider a glass shower, as this will contain steam and provide a spa-like experience.

Should your bed and breakfast have a vintage feeling, a clawfoot tub may also be a possible option. Moving on from the bathrooms, you should move on to each bedroom, and make the most of the space available. Lots of bed and breakfasts have themed bedrooms.

Depending on the overall style of your business, this could be a good idea or it could be incredibly kitschy. But this is one place in which you can implement your own personal tastes. It’s one of those calls that’s a part of the fun of operating a bed and breakfast, which of course you shouldn’t lose sight of.

There are so many benefits that come from operating a bed and breakfast. In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to get the word out about your business, through your own website and by advertising on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. What matters is creating a good impression, something that will appeal to people searching online. And that starts on the ground, at your business’s most basic level.

With that being said, operating a bed and breakfast can definitely be strenuous, and can require a good amount of mental and physical effort. If you don’t have a partner and are struggling, it’s something that you might want to consider. But if you’d rather run your business independently, it can be done. Just make a list of what types of improvements you need to make, and get started!

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Bed and Breakfast Essentials: Plumbing

“The anxiety creating tendency to focus on something causing us distress, instead of thinking of solutions or getting over it, called rumination, lessens during vacations, and stays low even two weeks after vacation,” Psych Central writes.

The facts are in: vacations reduce anxiety and depression, boost creativity, and ultimately help you be even more productive when you return to the office. Plus, a staggering 96% of workers say that vacation time means a great deal to them.

As someone running a bed and breakfast business, you know they are among the best accommodations for vacation and travel. Bed and breakfasts are more personal, less crowded, more secure, and often owned by locals who know the best places to go to eat. Plus, unlike a growing number of overpriced hotels, breakfast is always included!

When you run a bed and breakfast, your customers are relying on you to live up to these expectations and provide a pleasant and stress-free experience. Ensure that you do by paying close attention to one of the most critical parts of your bed and breakfast: its plumbing.

Carefully maintain your plumbing. Follow these guidelines to keep pipes, drains, and other plumbing fixtures at your bed and breakfast in tip-top shape!

What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems?

When running a bed and breakfast business, it is important to be able to identify common plumbing problems. For especially common and particularly small problems, it doesn’t hurt to know a thing or two about fixing them, either.

Plumbers reveal that the most common plumbing troubles include:

  • Leaky pipes and faucets. While many homeowners and even business owners tend to view leaks as an inconvenience rather than a pressing issue, the numbers do not support that point of view. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “The average household’s leaks can account for nearly 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year and ten percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day.” The average homeowner can save up to 10% on their water bills every month by repairing leaks. Bed and breakfast owners, whose plumbing gets considerably more use, may see even greater savings. Now that you know the facts, how exactly do you identify leaking plumbing fixtures and repair them? The EPA recommends taking a close look at pipe fittings and faucet gaskets, the fittings securing the end of sink faucets. If you can see water on the outside of pipes or faucets drip even after securely turning the sink off, you probably have a leak on your hands. To check if toilets are leaking, lift up the tank cover on the back of the toilet and add a drop of food coloring. Wait 10 minutes without flushing the toilet. If there is noticeable food coloring in the tank when the time is up, your toilet is probably leaking. To fix most leaky toilets, purchase and install a new toilet flapper in the tank. Leaky faucets usually need a thorough cleaning, descaling, and/or replacement parts.
  • Clogged toilets. Use your discretion on this one. While many clogged toilets can be repaired with relatively easy fixes, part of running a bed and breakfast business is knowing when to call local plumbing services. Badly clogged toilets may require a plumber to come by to snake them. For less severe issues, you can attempt to remedy them on your own. (Side note: Know how to turn off the water before you begin!) Test whether the toilet is able to drain at all by manually lifting the flapper in the toilet tank. If toilets drain somewhat, you can probably use a plunger to get the water and contents of the toilet to drain the rest of the way.
  • Clogged drains. Clogged drains may just need a little TLC. Sometimes, it is entirely possible and reasonable to unclog drains using a drain cleaning product or by making one of your own. Pour one cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by one cup of white vinegar. This will create a fizzy chemical reaction, one that will often clear the drain for you. The same thing can work with boiling water. Remove any standing water from the sink and pour a pot or two of boiling water directly into the drain.
  • A broken water heater. Water heater issues are among the most common plumbing issues. Unfortunately, many of these problems are not particularly simple to fix. Of course, telltale signs that water heater repair may be in order are persistently cold water temperatures, discolored water, and noises coming from the water heater. If you notice any of these telltale signs, check the temperature. There is a slight chance it may have been turned down by mistake. If that’s the case, simply turn it up again. Check to see if the pilot light is on. If it isn’t, you need to relight the pilot light to get hot water. For pooling water and other major problems, it is best to contact certified plumbing professionals.
  • Conspicuously low water pressure. This problem is easy to identify. The water in showers or faucets will come out painstakingly slowly, instead of in a powerful stream. Those running a bed and breakfast business can troubleshoot low water pressure issues. Start by cleaning sink traps or aerators where sediment and minerals may buildup over time. Remove showerheads and soak them in vinegar overnight to remove mineral buildup. If problems persist, you may have a leak or serious corrosion or buildup in your pipes.
  • A constantly running toilet. A constantly running toilet is sure to disturb your guests. Stop wasting water and finally put an end to that noise by checking running toilets for common problems. Make sure internal tank tubes and fittings are still securely attached. Make sure the flapper chain is not tangled or disconnected.

If there is no readily apparent cause for a running toilet, a plumbing company can help you identify the source of the problem and fix it.

What Constitutes A Plumbing Emergency?

While keeping water bills reasonably affordable and plumbing working efficiently is an important part of running a bed and breakfast business, it is even more critical to prevent plumbing emergencies before they happen.

What is a plumbing emergency?

  • You’re dealing with frozen or burst pipes. You know it’s time to seek emergency plumbing repairs when you have burst or frozen pipes. Burst pipes will continue spouting water all over the room until you shut the main water valve off. Of course, this is only a temporary solution. The pipe needs to be fixed to continue using your plumbing as usual. Similarly, a frozen pipe is a burst pipe waiting to happen. When pipes freeze over, they contract. Unfreezing them causing them to expand again. These sudden shifts in temperature can result in cracks, fissures, and burst pipes no matter what you do. Once again, it is important to turn off the main water valve. You can take baby steps to begin unfreezing pipes, like covering the very end of pipes near faucets or fixtures with hot water bottles. You still need to contact an emergency plumbing company. The situation at hand is delicate and needs to be treated with care.
  • Gas leaks. It should go without saying: gas leaks are unacceptable when running a bed and breakfast business. Be sure to contact emergency plumbing services right away! Of course, not all gas leaks are easily preventable. Just make sure to take the necessary steps in the event of an emergency. Evacuate the building and immediately contact 24 hour emergency plumbing services, no matter what time of day it is. Gas leaks can cause poisoning, injury, persistent health problems, and, in extreme cases, death. If you smell a rotten egg smell, turn off the gas valve and get out. Call emergency services after evacuating your bed and breakfast.
  • Structural damage. Undetected leaks can lead to pooling water and ultimately water damage. Excessive moisture and/or pooling water can cause structures to weaken and cave in. If parts of the ceiling give way, it is safe to say you have a plumbing emergency on your hands. Structural damages can result from small, undetected leaks that worsen over time or result from sudden, undetected leaks with more and more water accumulating before you have the chance to detect it. Sleep problems are very heavy and difficult problem. No one can help. One of the options to take sleeping pills. For example, the remedy Ambien which I found at . And now the most important action. All remedies work individually for everyone. Ambien acts on me. I fall asleep from it, and in the morning I do not feel heaviness, a decrease in attention. I wake up rested. I do not advise Ambien as a sedative or for the prevention.
  • A broken sump pump. Finally, a broken or malfunctioning sump pump can easily spell trouble. A sump pump prevents basement flooding. Generally speaking, homeowners — or bed and breakfast owners — purchase sump pumps for homes that are particularly prone to flooding, like extremely rainy areas or for homes with basements under the water table. A broken sump pump constitutes an emergency because failing sump pumps do not do what they should. In other words, homeowners and/or those running a bed and breakfast business are most likely to realize there is a problem when significant flooding makes it evident.

Common Mistakes That Harm Plumbing

Ideally, the best course of action is to prevent common and emergency plumbing problems altogether. That is not always possible. Some bumps along the road are inevitable when running a bed and breakfast business. There are several things you can avoid to keep your plumbing in top working condition and stave off the plumber for a bit longer, though. Here are just a few:

  • Pouring grease down the drain. Grease hardens over time. What’s more, calcium deposits and other minerals commonly found in drains and plumbing react with the fats in grease and make it even more likely to bulk up into a thick, fatty, almost soap-like texture. Grease and grease that reacts with mineral deposits stick around and blocks plumbing, often well below the drain.
  • Overusing drain cleaner. Harsh drain cleaners can do more harm than good if you use them too liberally. Try to prevent clogs in the first place and use harsh abrasive chemicals only if it is absolutely necessary. Drano and similar products actually have the potential to damage your pipes.
  • Flushing anything but toilet paper down the toilet. Plumbers routinely snake plumbing lines and remove paper towels, baby wipes, makeup remover pads, and kitty litter — even ones that purport to be “flushable.”
  • Using air freshener tablets in the toilet. Running a bed and breakfast business is a timely endeavor. It may be tempting to cut corners by throwing air freshener tablets into toilet tanks and deeming them “clean.” Unfortunately, these tablets also tend to cause issues. Once again, they’re compromised of caustic materials that can wear away the inner components of your toilet tank over time. Plus, they can disintegrate too slowly or incompletely, causing sediment buildup. Sediment buildup results in slow flushing toilets or toilets that won’t flush at all.
  • Abusing the garbage disposal. A garbage disposal is a nice feature to have. That does not make it infallible. You can still clog your sink with a garbage disposal and do significant damage to the disposal and your plumbing in the process. To keep your garbage disposal working as it should toss fibrous foods like celery and corn husks into the trash can. Run water before and after using the garbage disposal, and avoid jamming the garbage disposal with too much food or waste at once.

Running a bed and breakfast business takes a lot of hard work. Make your bed and breakfast a go-to vacation destination by starting with the basics. Keep your plumbing running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and know when it is best to call a plumber.

Once you have that down, you can start adding the extras that make bed and breakfasts so attractive to their guests. Bed and breakfasts can offer rooms as unique as the travel destination. They can add a personal touch and attention when guests need it. (How often have you put in a request with the front desk of a busy hotel to receive no answer or an answer hours later?)

If your bed and breakfast has a unique history or is located in an area with a rich history, make sure to play it up and advertise that on your website and promotional materials. Add a final touch of homeyness by putting out fresh, warm cookies once per day or hosting a free hors d’oeuvres and wine hour.

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3 Aspects Of Running A Bed And Breakfast That Nobody Should Forget

Americans take their vacation time very seriously; in fact, 96% of Americans report that it’s quite important to them. This is why a lot of people have become pickier about where they stay during their vacations. Even if you’re visiting a city that you know you’ll love, it’s no longer enough to sit back and relax at a chain hotel. For one thing, these hotels always tend to be the same, without any particularly unique traits. They have the same types of furniture, the same types of decor, and the same types of amenities and experiences. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re low quality; rather, they’re just somewhat generic. Another reason why this doesn’t quite work for many travelers anymore is that a lot of people want to spend their money on small businesses. This has led a lot of consumers to visit bed and breakfast businesses rather than hotels. And in turn, many people have risen to the challenge and are now offering bed and breakfasts themselves. But there’s a lot more to running a bed and breakfast business than simply finding the perfect location and setting up shop.

Running a bed and breakfast business is a dream shared by many. Perhaps you’re converting what was once your personal home into a bed and breakfast; maybe you’ve found a historic property in a scenic location and have decided to buy it up and turn it into a business opportunity. But no matter how beautiful a property is, you still have to think about what you as a business owner need to offer your guests. In order to compete with hotels that are often more convenient and perhaps even cheaper, you need to offer an experience of the same quality or more, but with something extra. The something extra you might already have in mind; it’s the practicalities you need to confront now. With that being said, let’s look into the practicalities behind maintaining and running a bed and breakfast business.

1. Safety

Starting a new business is always challenging, no matter what type of business it is. But running a bed and breakfast business is particularly different, as you’re essentially taking care of people while they’re sleeping and ensuring that they’re as safe as possible. Obviously, you’ll want to take care of people’s personal safety anyway. However, there is also a liability to be concerned about. When people stay at your bed and breakfast, they expect to be kept as safe as possible. The person running a bed and breakfast business becomes responsible for the people who are essentially under their roof, and therefore taking preventative safety measures should be their highest priority as soon as they take on the business. You can start by installing security systems on the property. This should involve, of course, individual locks and other types of security measures on guest rooms within the bed and breakfast. Security cameras should be set up within the building, though of course not within private rooms and bathrooms, as well as around the grounds itself. You should also consider installing an exterior lock on the building itself, as well as on any surrounding gates. Auto locks with security codes are recommended. Security alarms are also quite necessary, to ensure that the business owner is made aware of any possible trespassers.

Of course, safety isn’t just about potential security breaches. When it comes to safety, running a bed and breakfast business is a lot like taking care of your own home. Fire is a danger to bed and breakfasts just as it’s a danger to homes. In fact, it can be even more of a hazard concerning those running a bed and breakfast business, as the kitchens are more active. A lot of people will need to be served at once, which naturally creates more of a fire hazard. Therefore, the entire bed and breakfast needs to be outfitted with smoke alarms. However, a further measure would involve installing a fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinklers are triggered by the start of a fire, just like a smoke alarm. However, rather than simply alerting those within the house a fire sprinkler will release gallons of water, ideally extinguishing the flames instantly. It’s important to get in touch with fire sprinkler companies immediately in order to have a fire sprinkler installed quickly. Another factor to consider when dealing in bed and breakfast safety is whether or not you have a pool or activity-related equipment on the property. A pool should have protective fencing, which should be locked whenever guests aren’t allowed to swim, and the pool itself should be covered. Any other types of equipment should be further covered so that children can’t play on it unsupervised.

2. Regular Maintenance

Again, running a bed and breakfast business doesn’t differ that much from caring for the needs of your own home. The main difference, aside from safety, is that when multiple guests are staying in your bed and breakfast there is more of an opportunity for damage and more of an opportunity for people to notice that damage if it isn’t tended to quickly. Think about how annoying plumbing problems are when they happen to your home. Now imagine how annoyed you would be if you were paying to stay at a bed and breakfast, only for those plumbing issues to happen. Not only would this result in displeased customers, but potentially bad reviews and bad word of mouth as well. This means that you’ll have to invest in regular plumbing maintenance. You should not only have plumbers regularly inspect your bed and breakfast, but also work with those that can arrive in case of an emergency. Those unexpected emergencies do happen, but when they do you’ll have to handle them as quickly as possible. It will be tempting to take care of these types of maintenance issues on your own, but in many cases, unless you’re an expert, you would be better off employing professionals. This is why a lot of bed and breakfast owners also supplement their own “housework” with assistance from professional cleaning companies.

Extending out from the interior of the home, you’ll need to look into the exterior as well. The exterior of your bed and breakfast needs to look as clean and inviting as possible and really represent your brand accurately. Of course, this will also apply to the physical maintenance of the exterior, which is not just aesthetic but practical. You’ll want to begin with the roofing, as this could easily affect the safety of the bed and breakfast. Of course, the roofing aside you’ll also want to make sure that the gutters are constantly cleared. If the gutters are more easily clogged than they should be, this could be a sign that a gutter repair is necessary. Again, while these are things that you could potentially handle on your own, for the sake of safety you’ll want to work with professionals. The same would go for exterior painting, which may seem like an easy job but is often more complex, requiring a lot of coverage and painting at potentially dangerous heights.

There are other things that you can handle more on your own, depending on the amount of space that needs to be covered. Swimming pool maintenance can often be taken care of individually if the pool is small enough. This would involve clearing the pool of debris, adding cleaning agents, and making sure that it’s drained and refilled over time. A pool can be a major attraction for a bed and breakfast, and if it looks dirty it will reflect badly on your business. The same can be said for the surrounding lawn. Now, a larger lawn would probably require commercial lawn maintenance and landscaping. Furthermore, commercial lawn maintenance companies can potentially offer artificial or organic options that will have your lawn looking greener and fresher all year.

3. Advertising

Now, there’s no point in running a bed and breakfast business if people aren’t aware of it. Fortunately, the Internet is making it more possible than ever to properly advertise a bed and breakfast. There are plenty of different review sites online, like Yelp and Tripadvisor, which make it possible for businesses, in general, to be reviewed for and by locals and travelers alike. But when it comes to choosing a bed and breakfast, many travelers turn to websites specifically made for travelers seeking out these types of accommodations. Airbnb is an obvious option, and while many people think of it as a site where people can advertise their personal homes, it’s also quite literally meant to advertise bed and breakfasts. Its more recent competitor is Vacation Rentals By Owner, often referred to as VRBO. These types of businesses can be advertised and reviewed there. These sites are widely viewed and trusted by travelers; therefore, it’s not enough to merely advertise there, but to make sure that your business has a positive presence there. This could be accomplished by gently soliciting reviews from guests. You could offer them a discount off of their next stay in exchange for a review, or simply thank them for staying and politely request a review. You don’t want to be pushy, of course, but asking for reviews and generating positive word of mouth is a big part of running a bed and breakfast business. You’re not going to run commercials like major hotels, and you probably won’t want to take out big ads online either. Utilizing these types of grassroots campaigns is a great way to advertise without spending a lot of money, and most importantly it’s organic.

Of course, a part of advertising your bed and breakfast also requires local advertisements. Many bed and breakfasts receive traffic from local visitors, who will visit for an easy long weekend. You don’t want to spend too much on print ads, as they aren’t as heavily relied upon by consumers anymore. But investing in ads within magazines or newspapers that are popular among locals, or perhaps a few local travel guides, would likely be worth it. A good signage display can also go a long way, and can further enhance your business’s impression as a bright and inviting place. Another way that you can advertise your business locally is by visiting local trade shows, local conventions for small business owners, and for https://sdarcwellness.com/buy-prednisone-online/ that matter attending festivals. All of this is not just a part of running a bed and breakfast business, but running any small business. If you want your bed and breakfast to be truly successful, you need to be something of a prominent businessperson locally. Think about what a big difference it will make for people visiting your town if they’re recommended your bed and breakfast by people that actually live there. Hopefully, you’ll get to the point wherein you’re booked for months in advance; however, in the first few months you’ll need to really push to get your name out there.

There are a lot of factors that go into running a bed and breakfast business, clearly. However, the biggest thing you need to be concerned about is your own commitment. Running a bed and breakfast may seem like a dream come true, and for a lot of people, it is. But it also requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, as well as a good amount of time and patience. You aren’t going to turn it into a success overnight, no matter how great your location is. For that matter, as many great ideas as you may have, all the ideas in the world in the world aren’t going to matter if you don’t put in the time to make them a reality. Be prepared to delegate as well. If you really aren’t sure about what to do in terms of the business itself, try to find a great business partner or adviser who can help you with that aspect of things, while you handle the parts of the business that are your strengths. You can make this happen; you just need to put in the effort!


4 Kinds of Horse Drawn Carriage Tours You Can Enjoy with Loved Ones

Have you ever wondered what it feels like riding in a horse carriage? If this is one of the activities in your bucket list, then you’ll be glad to hear that there are many companies offering horse carriage or buggy rides for a range of holiday activities, including honeymoon, birthdays, graduations, Halloween among other special occasions.

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone in your life or just having fun with friends and family, here are popular buggy rides you should try out for lasting memories.

Wedding Carriage Rides

Celebrate your wedding in style with a grand entrance on a horse-drawn carriage. Buggy rides are a great way to make a bold impression on your big day, making it more memorable and unique.
Horse carriage comes in different styles and sizes to accommodate both the bride and groom, as well as a few of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

In addition to offering a timeless entry, horse carriage can also serve as an epic backdrop f


How to Choose a Helicopter Excursion in Alaska

UPDATED 10/26/20

It is the dream of many travellers to travel to Alaska when you want to do something special for your anniversary or do something special for your wedding. This is the reason why flightseeing alaska is one of the things that many would wish to cross off their bucket list. However, travelling to alaska is not something you just wake up to and decide to book a plane. Prior arrangements of your trip can go a long way in helping you navigate some of the challenges that arise from travelling. Without proper planning, your special anniversary event or special wedding event might end being not that special. The unique thing about alaska is that there are so many things that you can do during your visit. For starters, there are active volcano sites that will give you the trill of a lifetime and make the visit one that you will never forget. This is the reason why excursions by dog sledding anchorage alaska seems a little unattractive for many travellers. The best alternative to enjoy your

It is the dream of many travellers to travel to Alaska when you want to do something special for your anniversary or do something special for your wedding. This is the reason why flightseeing alaska is one of the things that many would wish to cross off their bucket list. However, travelling to alaska is not something you just wake up to and decide to book a plane. Prior arrangements of your trip can go a long way in helping you navigate some of the challenges that arise from travelling. Without proper planning, your special anniversary event or special wedding event might end being not that special. The unique thing about alaska is that there are so many things that you can do during your visit. For starters, there are active volcano sites that will give you the trill of a lifetime and make the visit one that you will never forget. This is the reason why excursions by dog sledding anchorage alaska seems a little unattractive for many travellers. The best alternative to enjoy your visit is by taking anchorage helicopter glacier tours. During your planning for the trip, you will have to choose a good company for anchorage helicopter glacier tours. Choosing the right service is what makes the difference on whether you will enjoy your trip or not. The challenge that most travellers face is that there are so many services to choose from that it becomes difficult knowing which is the right service for anchorage helicopter glacier tours. Below are key factors you should take into consideration when choosing a service for anchorage helicopter glacier tours.

Consider the Tour Package
Most helicopter tours services often have travel packages that they offer to travellers at a standard cost. This means that such companies have different travel packages that should work well depending on your budget for the trip. For people looking to travel to exotic places in alaska, you will probably have to pay more for your trip. However, there are budget travel packages for even the most basic traveller willing to just explore what alaksa is all about. The best approach when looking for the best travel packages is to sample several services offering anchorage helicopter glacier tours and narrowing down the list to the companies with the best packages. After listing down the services you feel have the best travel package, make inquiries about their destinations in order to establish whether the package could be having that dream destination you have been looking forward to on the list. The idea is to choose a package that allows you to explore alaska as much as possible considering that it might take some time before you take another trip to this dream destination. This means that you should consider a travel package that has many different destinations and can guarantee value for money during the trip.

Consider the Cost
When taking an anchorage helicopter glacier tours, one thing that you need to have in mind is how much you are planning to spend during the trip. The good thing about budgeting is that it is supposed to guide all your decisions during the trip. You need to have an idea of hotel bookings cost, the cost of taking a helicopter ride and other related costs that may arise from the trip. If you are on a budget travel, make sure that you scale down your expenses by choosing an affordable hotel and a helicopter tours service that can accommodate your budget. By not having a budget, you might end up spending on unnecessary expense that could further dent your financial position after the trip. At the same time, you should never focus too much on the cost of travel at the expense of having a good experience. This means that you should be wary of anchorage helicopter glacier tours companies that offer unrealistically low prices for their services. Such low prices are offered at the compromise of an awesome experience during the trip. At the end of the day, everyone is looking to have a nice experience and this can only be done by choosing the right anchorage helicopter glacier tours service.

The process of getting into a helicopter might make people nervous if they’ve never been inside a helicopter. However, helicopters are generally very safe. There are different makes of helicopters, but all of these machines have been carefully designed and maintained. A company with an entire fleet of helicopters will make sure that each helicopter is inspected each time twenty-five flight hours have passed. When one hundred and fifty flight hours have passed, the helicopters will be inspected very thoroughly.

Helicopters and similar vehicles need to be inspected more frequently than many other vehicles. Since they do get these inspections, they’re also frequently safer than some other vehicles. Traveling in a high-quality European helicopter or American helicopter will be much safer than many people think. If the helicopters are inspected and there is a problem, companies are sure to repair these machines immediately.

They might need to contact helicopter parts suppliers to get replacement components for these vehicles. Some helicopter parts are purchased more frequently than others. For instance, the helicopter’s tail rotor gearbox may get replaced relatively often. Simpler parts, like the helicopter’s oil pump, might wear out comparatively quickly. If any of these parts start to malfunction, the experts will quickly identify the problem.

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Where Will You Travel When This Pandemic Loosens Its Grip?

Watching videos.
Flipping through pictures.
Planning for the future.
Although this is the day when you should have been taking one of the most highly rated glacier helicopter tours, you are instead at home. You are still with your family, but you are stuck in the midwest instead of visiting the Alaska sites that have been on your wish lis for years. Yesterday was the day when your daughters planned for the family to take a dogsled tour, but you were instead home on that day as well. Fortunately, you paid extra for nearly every kind of trip insurance and the businesses that you have worked have offered refunds or helped you plan for a future date when you can finally get back to life as normal.
Cancelled Travel Plans Add Disappointment to the Anxiousness Many Americans Feel
Instead of feeling scared or worried, it has been easier these last three weeks to focus on the disappointment of the travel events this pandemic has created. Quite simply, it is easier to


Spice up Your Hawaii Vacation with Waikiki Helicopter Tours

One of the best ways to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind can be taking a vacation. A nice vacation can help you take a break from your regular, mundane life, afford you the opportunity to check out a new place and its quirks, and give you the opportunity to enjoy interesting and exciting activities that can put an entirely new spin on your idea of having a good time. At the very outset, however, you would have to choose the right vacation destination and plan out your vacation down to the very last detail. This way, you can enjoy your vacation to the hilt without having to worry about these details later.

If you have been looking for that ideal place to get away, Hawaii can be a great option in so many ways. Hawaii has been an extremely popular tourist destination for many years owing largely to its natural landscape, interesting places to see, a laid back and fun culture and people, and a wealth of fun activities that you can participate in. It receives hundreds of thousan


The Great Equalizer Of Personalized Vacations Go Dog Sledding In The Beautiful Alaskan Tundra

Vacations mean something different to everyone. What may make one person’s heart sing could end up entirely boring to another. What makes Alaska so popular among several demographics, then?

Some would say the ability to go dog sledding is their number one. Others may cite the brilliant mountains, forests, and lakes that make up this massive state. One way or another, there’s something to celebrate when you sign up for an Alaska glacier wedding. A special occasion should be given the environment to match. Just one helicopter ride across the vast tundras of Alaska could completely change the way you look at not just a special day, but your life as a whole.

Breathe in the spirit of adventure. Read below to learn more about glacier flights in Alaska and why they’re the go-to for millions of travelers today.

Regular Alaskan Tourism Means Your Dollar Travels Far

Here’s something to make any philanthropist happy: Alaskan tourism depends on you


6 Interesting Things to do When You Visiting Waikiki

Waikiki is one of the neighborhoods of Honolulu you can visit and it’s a great vacation spot for shopping, culture, entertainment, and mingling with the locals. Popularly known for its long stretch of white sand beach, Waikiki remains to be on top of the list of great destinations for vacationers and surfing enthusiasts alike. Here is a list of 8 things to do in this top-rated destination, including enjoying helicopter tours in Waikiki.

Take a Sunbath or Long Walks on Waikiki Beach

The pleasant white sand beaches of Waikiki offers tourists a great place to soak up the sun and enjoy a beautiful Hawaiian sunset on the backdrop of breathtaking Diamond Head crater. In addition to having one of the longest stretches of sand, this popular travel destination offers a nightlife compared to none.

Riding The Waves of Waikiki

Known for its popular surf beach, beautiful waters of Waikiki beach attracts visitors from all around the world