5 Summersville WV Attractions You Must Visit While You’re In Town

If you’re taking a vacation to West Virginia this year, these five Summersville WV attractions will be the highlights of your vacation!

Carnifex Ferry

Carnifex Ferry park is located where a very important Civil War battle took place. Union troops pushed the Confederates from their entrance position on the Patterson Family Farm to the other side of the Gauley River on September 10, 1861. Confederate troops then failed to regain control of the Kanawha Valley, and the South was no longer a serious threat in the move for West Virginia statehood. This park has picnic shelters, hiking trails, biking trails, a playground, and a museum at the Patterson House.

Summersville Lake WV

Summersville Lake was formed by the Summersville Dam WV, which was built in the 1960s. The dam was built to control the flooding in Nicholas County, which affected the Kanawha and Gauley Rivers. The lake’s shortline stretches for 60 miles, and it has more than 20,000 acres of water. It’s a great fishing lake, and you can also scuba dive, swim, and enjoy hiking and biking.

Gauley River

The Gauley River is a great place for anyone seeking adventure. The whitewater allows for very exciting rafting through the rapids of this mighty river. You will be with a tour guide that helps you through the challenging rapids while learning the history of the river and hearing stories from your guide.

Hawks Nest

Hawks Nest State Park is roughly a half hour drive from Summersville Lake. This park allows you to explore some of the most beautiful views near Summersville. There is a tramway that can take you down to the banks of the New River, or you can take the trails. Down at the banks is where you can take jet boat rides. The park also offers great dining facilities, scenic overlooks, and playgrounds for kids.

Mystery Hole

The Mystery Hole is one of the best-kept secrets in West Virginia. It was unclosed for public view in 1973 and has been baffling people ever since. It plays tricks on the eyes of its visitors, and the only want to describe it is to see it for yourself.

Almost four out of five domestic trips, or 79% of them, are taken for leisure purposes. These five Summersville WV attractions will make your leisure time spent in Summersville completely worthwhile!

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