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Why A Limousine Service Is The Best Way To Get Around Town

Making a good impression on your clients can be the difference between closing and not closing the deal. Consider the idea of a limousine rental service for your employees traveling abroad.

In our globalized world, around 22% or more of all domestic business trips will involve a flight. Those who do the traveling might be worn out from a long journey, and need some time to assess their strategy before the impending meeting. Driving a rental car on their own could impede this process.

Consider ordering an airport limo rental for such an employee. Doing so does two things; it gives the employee and therefore your company a professional image for potential customers to observe, and makes your employee feel appreciated and rewarded for all their hard work thus far.

It doesn’t have to be costly either. Chances are that most airports will offer a cheap airport limo service for that person ready to close the deal.

So, if you want to make a good first impression when expanding your business, consider doing a quick internet search for the “best limousine service near me” or even a simple “book limo service online.”

In an increasingly globalized world, people find themselves traveling more and more for work. A recent estimate indicated that at least 22% of domestic business trips involve air travel. Traveling by plane is one thing; the question for many working individuals is, what are your options after you land?

What Do I Do After I Land In A New Town?

When presented with business trips of a certain distance and with time constraints, most professionals don’t want to make the long drive. Each year, Americans make an estimated 405 million business trips, with most people ending up exhausted at the airport. While you could use a rental car, a much more convenient and efficient alternative is a corporate limousine service.

A Corporate Limousine Service Versus A Rental Car

At first glance, a rental car seems like a solution to your travel issues; but a rental car only does the bare minimum. Few people want to drive themselves from the airport to a hotel or meet shortly after a long, tiring flight. Furthermore, a rental car is more suitable for a long-term stay, while a limo service or corporate shuttle service can more than adequately fulfill your short … term needs.

What Can I Get Out Of A Corporate Limousine Service?

53% of people making business trips consider their occupations professional, managerial, or technical. In these job fields, making a good impression upon people who … in the case of business meetings … you don’t have much time with is a priority. A limo service for business can make a great first impression, giving people a confident, successful air.

Why Should I Use An Airport Limo Service For My Employees?

Limo services are often selected by executives sending their employees on business trips. In a sense, a limo service can be considered a “reward” for good work, making employees feel valued and taken care of. Not only is it reassuring on a professional level, but a personal one, letting people know that their bosses care.

A Limo Service Gets You Where You Need To Go

Often, business travelers find themselves in new, unfamiliar places. A limo driver is used to the local routes and will make sure to get employees to the right places, on time for their business meetings. This greatly decreases the likelihood of lateness and makes travel more efficient.

A limo service is just one way to get around town during a business trip, but it can be more reliable than others. Whether you’re traveling yourself or coordinating travel for someone else, make sure you’re making the right decision before finalizing any plans.

The Secret to Finding Affordable Corporate Limosuine Services

Airport limo service

Research indicates that Americans make more than an estimated 405 million long-distance business trips annually. Additional research also shows that the average worker in the Unites States will spend about four hours in business meetings every week. Since business trips are of incredible importance when bringing in potential clients, it’s no wonder why so many businesses choose to use corporate car service.

Using some kind of corporate limo service is generally an effective way to
make a good first impression on the clients. Many clients will travel across multiple states — or even countries — for important meetings, and it is important to make them feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Read on to learn more about finding the perfect limousine service for your company!

Easy Tips for Finding the Best Corporate Limo Company:

  • One of the most popular ways to utilize a corporate limo service is for airport transfers. Whether you are using airport transfers to take a client to the business meeting or back to an airport, the use of a limo adds a touch of class and conveys a sense of appreciation for the client.
  • When looking for a sophisticated, reliable corporate limo service, it is important to keep your target demographic in mind. Statistics show that males account for approximately 77% of all business trips in the United States and roughly 55% of individuals on business trips are between the ages of 30-49. Keeping these things in mind, you may want to have a limo that has some kind of bar to serve alcoholic refreshments, air conditioning and room to accommodate taller men or women. You don’t need a bunch of fancy additions to impress middle aged business men and women — simplicity is best.
  • If at all possible, you don’t want to settle for the first limo service you find. The last thing you want is to hire a company only to find out later on that you could’ve gotten the same kinds of service for a much lower price at a different company. Research online to compare prices and services for multiple companies and see if you can find any reviews of the business.
  • Once you find a limo service that seems good, see if you can set up an appointment to meet in person with some of the staff. That way, you can ask questions in person and specify any certain requirements you may have.

Have you or your company ever used a corporate limo service for airport transfers or any other services? Tell us about it in the comments below!

What is Glamping?

Camping in virginia

What is Glamping?

“Glamping” is a combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping.” The idea is to bring elements of luxury into the camping experience in order to create the ultimate getaway for those who don’t consider traditional camping a good time. The roots of glamping come from safari trips in the early 1900s where wealthy travelers would spare no expense on the comfort and luxuries of home. These days, glamping combines the wonders of modern technology with a natural setting, providing the ultimate in relaxation and pampering.

It’s no surprise glamping has become so popular, as traditional camping is one of the most popular vacation choices for Americans. In 2013, the total number of days camped by Americans was 516 million! Most people choose to camp by tent- 86%, while 33% of people chose camping in cabins rather than sleep directly on the ground. With numbers like that, it’s no surprise some people like to make their experience more plush. I lived for a long time and believed in the strength of my character and tried not to be nervous about trifles. The time has come when I realized that I cannot cope. And the hands are lowered and it is not possible to endure this nervous tension. And then I was advised to take Valium. I returned to normal sleep, good mood and spirits). I took the medicine three times a day. When strained down, then twice, and sometimes once a day. The scheme is outlined in the annotation. Another scheme you can appoint a doctor. The effect for me is positive and clearly pronounced.

Types of Glamping

There are several different types of structures that people glamp in. Camping in cabins may be the most popular, but some people opt for camp resorts, treehouses, yurts, or rv camping. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you feel pampered and relaxed.

Tips for Glamping

  • Consider upgrading your food from hot dogs and hamburgers. Gourmet cookbooks for camping are numerous and teach ways to cook high end ingredients such as salmon and steak.
  • Hammocks are much more comfortable than folding chairs and some styles can be hung from a sturdy tree branch like a swing.
  • If you choose tent camping over camping in cabins or another structure, splurge on your bedding. Consider an air mattress or a large tent with a rollaway cot. Don’t forget the pillows!
  • Consider a resort that offers spa treatments or has a Jacuzzi for the ultimate luxury experience.
  • Don’t forget your sunblock, bug spray, and lights! There’s nothing glamorous about a sunburned, itchy body in the dark.
  • There are so many tips we couldn’t fit in this list! Tell us about your favorite glamping trip in the comments.
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What Happens When You Search “Extended Stay Hotel+Meth”?

Preferred corporate housing

What’s the #1 reason to choose corporate housing rentals over extended stay hotels? It’s not because of the lower price, or the amenities, the pet-friendly policies, or the convenience. It’s not even the washer and dryers. No, it’s because a quick Google search for the phrase “extended stay meth” turns up a terrifying 206,000 results.

Of course, the vast majority of people who patronize extended stay or long term hotels won’t end up sleeping next door to some DIY meth cooking entrepreneurs. Even so, the 206,000 search results indicate some pretty strong anecdotal evidence that your chances of running to the parking lot in the middle of the night because of chemical fumes are slightly higher in at a local extended stay establishment. But who’s to say where that odd chemical smell is coming from? Could be meth, could be something completely innocent, like, um, a broken ice machine? Wait, that just sounds like slang for exploding meth lab.

That’s for the police to decide, in any case. For example, the police in West Ashley, SC, who were called to an extended stay motel in the middle of the night this March after an explosion forced the motel’s evacuation. A couple was charged with manufacturing meth, poorly, and child endangerment, sadly.

For travelers, families, and business people looking for an extended stay that won’t stick them in a sketchy situation, corporate housing rentals provide a more professional alternative.

Corporate housing providers rent furnished apartments, condos, or homes for people who need to stay for 30 days or longer. In 2014, average corporate housing rentals lasted for 84 nights, and the majority of patrons (32%) booked their rooms while relocating to a new job or business opportunity.

Many New York City companies are relying on New Jersey corporate housing rentals to avoid high-rise prices on short term rentals in the Big Apple. For workers relocating to New York City or just visiting temporarily for business, Jersey City corporate housing often makes more financial sense than corporate housing rentals in Queens or Long Island, which features longer commutes as well.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about those funky smells coming from the motel room next door.

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Top Three Uses For Limousine Car Service

A limousine is a sign of indulgence, importance, and celebration. It gets used in many different events, ranging from high school proms to funerals. While hiring a chauffeured car service can be expensive, there are ways to save money. A limo car can be rented for a variety of prices. It all depends on the type of limo, the availability, and the occasion.

How much is a limousine car? The price varies, so you’ll need to ask around. Limo reservations should be made in advance. This will usually get you a better price and guarantee that there is a car available when you need it. You’ll also need to figure out what kind of limo you need. Custom limo builders can make luxurious limos, but these limos will cost you a lot more than some of the others that you might be able to hire. If you know your budget and have the time, look into different limo services in your community. You’ll be able to see who has the best cars at the best prices and make your reservations accordingly.

Airport limousine service

Limousines are traditionally equated with sophisticated events. While a limousine can refer to any luxury chauffeured car service, the iconic stretch limo that can seat between 16 and 20 passengers is what often comes to mind. Limo services also may use small vehicles which seat about six passengers or mid-sized vehicles that can carry up to 10 passengers. Here are some of the most popular applications for limousine service.

#1. Wedding Limousines

With a steady 2.1 to 2.2 million nuptial ceremonies taking place each year, weddings are predicted to continue causing high demand for limousine services. Especially in the busy wedding season of May to August, it is recommended to schedule limo service between six and nine months prior to the wedding to make sure everything is squared away for the big day. Depending on the size of the wedding party, it may be necessary to have multiple limousines. Many customers want to schedule this in advance so the same company can provide matching limousines for the event.

#2. Corporate Car Service

With over 405 million long-distance business trips each year, Americans often use limousine or corporate car service when traveling for business meetings. The convenience factor comes into play for business people requiring airport limousine services to promptly pick them up and drop them off from airports to hotels or meeting locations. Many individuals who are required to travel for business like the dependability of airport limo services or corporate car services to know the best routes around an unfamiliar location, and there is often a flat or hourly rate unlike cabs which also charge by the mile.

With nearly half of all highschoolers attending their school’s prom, another popular use of limousine service is transportation on prom night. While the rates may be expensive for teenagers to afford on their own, often large groups split the cost so it becomes more reasonable. Also, parents often contribute toward an average of 56% of prom costs resulting in students paying for less than half of their overall prom costs, on average. While not all students arrive at prom in a limo, this can often be an exciting element to a much-anticipated night of celebration.

Things To Do When Visiting Buena Vista, Colorado

Lodging in buena vista co

Buena Vista is an absolutely gorgeous location with lots to do. If you are lucky enough to visit, here is some insider information to make your trip and stay everything you could ask for.

Lodging In Buena Vista Colorado

If you are looking for places to stay in Buena Vista, rest assured that there are spectacular options for hotels, cabins and resorts. If you are in the spirit for hotels which offer a bed and breakfast service, Buena Vista offers options with mountain views. Experience the luxury hotels are known for while still feeling at one with nature. While the community is under 5,000 residents, Buena Vista is a charming area to find hotels and lodging as well as entertainment in the Colorado Rockies area.

Things To Do In Buena Vista Colorado

Buena Vista’s 7,954 elevation draws many adventurers in all seasons. During the summer, visitors love to experience the peace and adventure of exploring the Colorado Rocky Mountains. In the wintertime, the attractions shift towards skiing, visiting the hot springs, snowmobiling or even snowshoeing. The location of Buena Vista puts visitors right at the crux of many opportunities for fun activity. The San Isabel National Forest provides over a million acres of camping, hiking and various other outdoorsy adventuring. Visitors also have access to the 148 mile-long Arkansas Headwaters Recreation area where white water rafting excursions can be booked. Another option for entertainment in the Buena Vista area is visiting St. Elmo–one of the best-preserved ghost towns in Colorado. St. Elmo is only about a half hour away from Buena Vista.

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How to Plan A Successful Beach Vacation

Activities in panama city beach

Summer practically screams “beach season,” with all the ads of beachwear, palm trees, vast expanses of sand and blue skies. If you’re wondering what to do on a beach vacation, the possibilities are endless, depending on your budget, needs, and purpose of the vacation. For those actively looking for things to do on a beach vacation, a more touristy spot might be perfect, as those types of areas come with lots of attractions and warm weather activities to do when you’re not lounging on the beach. Join the world in heading to the beach: over half of people surveyed globally said they were planning to hit the beach in the next year.
Planning what to do on vacation can be stressful, especially if you have children. However, in a survey of over 1,000 adults, going to the beach was the top pick, over camping, going to a spa, or golfing. If you’re wondering what to do on a beach vacation, especially with kids, there’s numerous beach vacation tips available. Also don’t be afraid to ask a vacation concierge for tips.
For the Relaxed:
When asked, 60% of Americans reported enjoying doing nothing or relaxing while at the beach. Sunbathing and reading are two other excellent relaxation options for those inclined to fully enjoy their vacation and not worry about schedules or to do lists. The beach is the perfect spot to simply soak up some Vitamin D, crack open that bestseller you’ve been wanting to read for months, and create a tan that will inspire jealousy among your friends or coworkers.
For the Active Beach Lover
The beach is also a great place to get some exercise. If you’re a runner, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as an early morning run by the beach, watching the sun come up and feeling the salty ocean breeze on your face. There’s also nothing quite like swimming in the ocean and then laying out in the sun after floating on the waves for awhile. It can also be good exercise if you’re swimming out far. In some areas, scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing can be other active ways to enjoy your time on the beach as well, and the whole family can get involved and learn some new skills.
For the Kids
If you’re at a kid-friendly resort or beach area, activities like mini golf or a small waterpark might be available. Other places may offer open air movies and there are plenty of shopping areas that the kids can enjoy visiting as well. Bring plenty of fun beach toys (buckets, shovels, etc.,) and have them create elaborate sand constructions and enjoy the fresh air and water.
For the Young Adults
Sunbathing is certainly an attractive option during the day, but at night, there are usually plenty of bars or clubs for the over 21-year olds to congregate and meet at. Some areas will offer sections of the beach where you can build a campfire and bring camp chairs to sit out at. Live entertainment may also be featured during popular beachgoing months.
All in all, it’s not too hard to figure out what to do on a beach vacation. There are plenty of options for young and old alike!

How to Save Money on Business Travel

St louis limo services

When Carly took a summer internship working for her mother’s accounting firm, she knew she would be doing a lot of event planning and figuring out transportation for business meetings. It seemed like her mother and the rest of the firm’s partners were constantly on the move between different meetings all day. On days they were actually in the office, the transportation for business meetings challenge was getting out of town clients safely and efficiently to the firm’s downtown headquarters. Traditionally, the firm handled all of these transportation issues in a disjointed fashion-certain taxi companies for this, limo services for certain clients, and renting cars when necessary. All of this meant a little of different options to keep track of and an inefficiently contracting and billing system.

Carly decided to make it the goal of her summer internship to solve their transportation for business meetings issues once and for all. She was determined to find a company that would meet all of their different needs and allow them to save money by contracting for bulk services. She knew they had an attractive amount of need to a company and felt like she could effectively bargain for good rates.

When she started her research in transportation for corporate events and airport limo service, what she started to realize was that she shouldn’t be looking at a traditional transportation company like a taxi or cab service, but should rather look into the types of companies that offered wedding limos and limo service for prom. First, they would know there was some quality control because of the types of transportation the company normally did. Second, since they would mostly require transportation on the weekdays when weddings and proms are rare, they could probably negotiate for a great deal

She decided to bring the proposal to her mom. She had a few important questions. First, she wanted to know what the traditional limo rental requirements were. Carly explained that most required a 3 hour rental, but she was confident that could become negotiable. Next, she wanted to know where Carly got this idea. Carly explain that she knew there were nearly 1.3 million corporate meetings and events each year and there had to have been a company that figured out transportation concerns at this point. Plus, companies spend more than $225 billion each year to send their employees on business trips, so it could not be unprecedented to contract with a limo company.

Carly’s mom agreed with her points and gave her the go ahead to start interviewing local limo services. Within just a few weeks, Carly found a company that was relatively new, but excited about balancing its business between weddings and corporate events. The staff was professional and the vehicles were new and well-equipped. Carly look at what the firm was currently spending on all of its different methods of transportation and decided to negotiate for a contract that would be 10% and guarantee them transportation whenever they needed it. Much to Carly’s delight, negotiations went smoothly and she was soon the transportation hero of the corporate world!

Camping Statistics You Should Know Before Your Next Adventure

Family summer camp

Camping vacations are some of the most popular vacations families take in order to reconnect with nature and each other. There’s nothing more relaxing than kicking back and getting away from technology and civilization. The beauty behind camping is that there are endless ways to do it and make each experience unique. Read on for some little known facts and statistics behind camping.

  • One of the most popular things for American families to do is camping vacations. In 2011 alone, 42.5 million people spent 543.9 million days camping combined. On average, campers went on camping vacations five times per year, and travelled about 191 miles from their home to where they camped.
  • 70% of camping is done in public campgrounds.
  • 28% of RV campers spend five or more nights on a trip, meaning they tend to have the longest outings since 70% of tent campers tend to only spend one or two nights per outing.
  • Most campers (87%) enjoy multiple outdoor activities, with 92% of people saying they hiked.
  • About 70% of the time, campers include their friends in their plans.
  • A survey found that 86% of people went tent camping, 33% did cabin camping, 30% did backcountry/backpacking, 26% used a drive-up campsite, 24% went in an RV, 11% camped out in their backyard, 8% slept under the stars, and 2% slept in a yurt.
  • Products are considered bear proof if they survive 60 minutes of direct contact.
  • Campers spent nearly $1.5 billion on camping equipment in 2014.
  • In 2013, it was estimated that campgrounds and RV parks made almost $5 billion in revenue.
  • More than 100,000 wildfires occur every year in the U.S. alone, so make sure to put your campfires completely out!
  • If you’re camping somewhere that has bears, be aware that they have an acute sense of smell and can run up to 35 miles per hour.
  • There are so many different ways to camp that there almost isn’t an excuse to not go! Whether you’re “outdoorsy” or not, there’s an option for you. So what are you waiting for? Go on your next adventure!

    The Top Three Most Incredible Camping Sites for Celebrating National Camping Month

    Camp sites

    Camping is becoming an increasingly-popular family activity, with campers taking an average of five trips per year. To kick off the start of peak camping season, each June is National Camping Month — which means it’s time for you and your family to pack up your tents, sleeping bags and other gear and hit the road.

    In fact, there are few better times of year to enjoy all that camping has to offer than right now. And who doesn’t love exploring the outdoors or telling their favorite stories around the campfire?

    Not sure where to take your first family camping excursion of the year? Whether you’re a tent camping die-hard or you are the proud owner of an RV, here’s a look at three must-visit campsites that are perfect for a camping trip during National Camping Month:

    Northville, NY

    If you live in the Northeastern U.S., the Adirondack Mountains of New York State are every camper’s dream. The region boasts six million acres of lush forests, mountains and wilderness, with thousands of campsites to choose from. And if you and your family prefer a little more privacy, you can stay on your very own island in one of the Adirondack lakes!

    Port Angeles, WA

    Stretching from the Pacific coast to the mountains, Port Angeles is one of the most scenic places in the Northwestern U.S. There are campsites located in each of the park’s unique ecosystems, with a high-alpine campground, a riverside campsite and several beach campsites. If you stay on the beach, keep an eye out for an incredible glimpse at the park’s seals, whales and eagles.

    Yosemite, CA

    With 13 different campgrounds and plenty of backcountry camping opportunities, Yosemite National Park is also home to the iconic Half Dome, Yosemite Falls and the Merced River. This is a hiking and fishing enthusiast’s paradise. It’s also one of the rare natural areas completely untouched by human hands; 95% of Yosemite is actually Congressionally-designated wilderness! Because Yosemite is so popular among tent camping lovers, be sure to make a reservation beforehand.

    Where are some of your favorite tent camping sites for taking family camping adventures? Share your own recommendations by leaving a comment below!