Make Your Vacation Home Work for You

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Those who are lucky enough to have a home designated for vacations have all wondered the same question: how do I justify owning all this space and spending so little time in it? For the first five or so years of owning a new vacation property, many families spend a lot of time at their new home away from home. However, as time passes, some wonder what to do on a beach vacation once you’ve visited so many times. The answer: turn your home into a vacation rental property.

Vacation rental properties aren’t all run by large management
companies. Technology now affords many people the opportunity to offer their vacation home to others who are traveling. 52% of people say that they are headed to the beach in the next 12 months. If your house is on the beach, it’s the ideal set up for renting a beach property.

This applies to those who own homes as well as small apartments near the beach. Vacation rental properties are great for young couples and large families. 46% of people say they will spend time with a significant other during vacation while 51% say they will enjoy time with their kids. No matter the situation, people often wonder where to stay at the beach and crave an environment that is more relaxing and homie than a hotel.

If you are looking for a way to keep your home in economic hard times or are just looking to make a little extra money, renting your home out is great way to go. Find a cleaning company that you trust to take care of things between guests and your new enterprise is all set!

Branch Out On Your Next Vacation Consider Renting Vacation Homes!

Santa fe luxury vacation rentals

Vacation season is almost upon us! Many people have already flown to warmer climes to escape the cold and more will head that way as summer vacation approaches. If you’re considering taking an exotic vacation for a longer period of time, and don’t want to stay in a hotel, have you thought about looking at homes for vacation rental? Looking at summer vacation rentals has many perks–not least of which are a lower cost and getting a feel for the area. A vacation rental home may be easier to find than you expect–people who live in high-tourist destination areas are opening up homes for vacation rental, and then they take off somewhere themselves.
What Kind of Vacation Rentals Are There?
It definitely depends on what you’re looking for and how long you’re planning to stay. For some vacationers, who really want an authentic feeling, they choose to rent a house from a local. These rentals can be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, depending on the landlord’s terms. This is a great way to get an intimate look at the neighborhood or local area and really mingle with the locals.
There are also luxury condominiums that have been springing up around popular tourist destinations. If you’re looking for vacation rentals on the beach, this might be a good option. If you’re not so interested in roughing it, these luxury condos are a great choice. They offer a private “home away from home” feel, usually supplying the renter with kitchens and bathrooms that are already fully stocked. They usually provide luxuriously large bedrooms with sumptuous outdoor views, as well as TV access, WiFi, and air conditioning (or heating, depending). Many luxury condos also have washers and dryers installed, to make it more convenient for vacationers don’t have the inconvenience and hassle of seeking out laundromats. Two new perks of luxury condos is providing iPod or mp3 docks for their guests, so you can even bring your music and listen to it while on vacation! Off-street parking has also been a popular amenity, in order to keep your vehicle safe 24/7. One less thing to worry about when vacationing in a foreign country or even a new, unfamiliar location!
Vacation Rental Tips
When looking at homes for vacation rental, you want to consider how to get the most bang for your buck. Which living option will let you stay the longest for the least expensive price. Many places will offer deals as popular vacation times come up. Check online for ratings of the place you’re staying at, to make sure it’s reputable, clean, and safe. If you’re traveling abroad, make sure that your vacation home is in a safe location–it’s not worth much to have a beautiful vacation home for a few months, but constantly feel unsafe. Also consider your family’s needs and ask yourself whether paying more for a certain amenity is worth it–you may often find it is! Overall, you want to find a place that gives you peace of mind and an unforgettable vacation!

Sunny Santa Fe The Perfect Place to Rent a Vacation Home

Vacation rental santa fe

Looking at all the possibilities for homes for vacation rental can be a little overwhelming. You have to navigate through factors like climate, location, price, quality etc. in a variety of options to try to find one that best suits you and possibly your partner or spouse.

For those of you looking for fun in the sun while staying in your dream rental home, look no further than Santa Fe! Santa Fe, or “Holy Faith” in Spanish, is a city well-known for its warm sunshine and variety of activities.

Fun Facts About Santa Fe:

  • Out of the 365 days in a year, Santa Fe has an incredible average of an estimated 300 days being filled with sunshine. For those looking to beat the blues, Santa Fe vacation rentals are the way to go.
  • With such beautiful weather year round, Santa Fe hosts an abundance of outdoor activities. However, they still have some awesome attractions in the indoors. There are 13 museums in Santa Fe and a world-famous opera. There’s always something new to do in Santa Fe.

Vacation rentals in Santa Fe are a great choice for those looking to escape the bleakness of winter or to just “get away” from your regular routine.

Many seeking a vacation rental home feel trapped in a mindset of having to sacrifice luxury for affordability, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some things to keep in mind while weighing the benefits of luxury vacation rentals in Santa Fe versus cheaper options:

Why You Should Invest In A Luxury Condo:

  • Homes for vacation rental should offer just that: a vacation. Why settle for a boring vacation rental when you can treat yourself? Luxury rentals offer spacious rooms, scenic views and modern bathrooms that can make you feel like royalty. You’re there to relax and renew; don’t settle for cramped and outdated.
  • Luxury condos are almost always equipped with television, Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Many condos also offer off-street parking, which is a great tool for ensuring that your car remains safe while you’re off enjoying your vacation.
  • One of the most current trends being implemented in homes for vacation rental is the inclusion of iPod and mp3 docks so that vacationers can crank up the tunes while hanging out in their house. This is an easy way to pump yourself up for the day or to set a mellow, romantic tone for the evening.

Santa Fe luxury rentals don’t have to steal all of your savings away. Don’t empty your savings account when looking at rentals, but don’t be afraid to splurge a little. After all, you’re there for your own vacation. You deserve to enjoy it.

3 Situations Made Infinitely Easier by Furnished Rentals

All city corporate housing

When you’re traveling, you probably think of hotels as the only accommodation that can provide comfortable amenities. But furnished rentals can provide all these amenities and more, and often for a more affordable price. Here are three situations in which you might consider a furnished apartment instead of a hotel:

  1. Family Vacation

    For a family vacation, furnished apartments can serve as a perfect home base. First of all, you can choose an apartment with enough space for everyone so that the family doesn’t need to be split up into multiple rooms — which can make the overall cost of accommodations much lower, especially if you would have been paying for two or even three rooms. Furnished rentals can also help families save money in other ways, since food can be prepared in the fully stocked kitchen and there are plenty of entertainment options that can cut down on outside expenses that add up. There’s one more huge upside: Many furnished apartments are dog friendly, so the whole family can come along.

  2. Extended Business Trip

    Renting an apartment for a long-term business trip can be beneficial whether you’re looking at it from the perspective of the company or the employee; the company can often get special low rates, and the living space is more comfortable than a hotel’s. Executive corporate housing is generally centrally located in the city and luxuriously furnished to reduce stress and maximize productivity. Having a dedicated private space also makes entertaining easy, if you want to have clients over while you’re in town.

  3. Either End of a Move

    Short term rentals can make life much easier in the stressful times bookending a move to a new city. In the first city, renting a furnished apartment allows some time to pack up everything in the house in advance, not worrying about how you’ll continue to live semi-normally with half your things already in boxes. And when you arrive in your new city, a fully furnished apartment lets the whole family start to get settled in immediately, instead of living in chaos while trying to unpack as quickly as possible. If the move is related to a new job, it’s possible to negotiate corporate relocation housing into a relocation package.

When else can short-term furnished rentals save stress? Share your suggestions in the comments.

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Going on a Camping Trip for Vacation Can Be a Great Way to Bond With Family

Cabin camping

Are you looking for a perfect way for you and your family to spend some vacation time together and grow closer in the process. Visiting picturesque camping sites such activities as fishing, hiking, and swimming can be a great way to spend your vacation.

Whether you decide to go cabin camping or camping in tents, it can be a great opportunity to get away from the modern technological distractions of computers, smartphones, video games, and more, instead focusing on face-to-face human interaction.

That said, when camping with kids, it can be wise to include them in the preparation process and have them include items such as beloved teddy bears, books, or toys, in order to ease the transition. If you are particularly concerned that camping life will be a bit of a shock, you may want to have a camping event just behind your house in the tent, so that they will be more accustomed to sleeping outside.

When choosing good camp sites at which to stay, make sure to do some advance research on the kinds of activities that are readily available, if it is necessary to book way in advance, what kind of deposit might be needed, and even whether or not there are nearby towns where one can visit to buy supplies.

To share questions, comments, or recommendations regarding camp sites, don’t hesitate to share them in the section below. Learn more.

Professional Drivers Nothing Like Hollywood Stereotypes

Car service price

The average U.S. employee who regularly travels for work is 49 and a half years old. Understandably, very few U.S. men and women well into their 40s want to contend with cab drivers as they are depicted in movies. We’ve all seen them. They’re gruff, they drive recklessly, and they take any outsiders on “shortcuts” that inevitably rack up the bill.

Thankfully, these drivers more or less exist in movies and on television only. In reality, airport transportation services, cab services, group transportation services, drivers, and patrons alike all benefit from efficiency and professionalism. What can you reasonably expect from professional taxi and chauffeur services?

Drivers And Chauffeurs Are Hitting The Books!

As a whole, American businessmen and businesswomen will take more than 405 long distance trips in any given year. Therefore, expectations for safe, quality transportation are more than reasonable, and there is plenty of great news to that end. In fact, car service costs are more justifiable than ever before. Why? In order to work for taxi, limousine, and car services, drivers are taking increasingly rigorous written exams. To pass the test, professional drivers must know traffic laws in and out. Similarly, most services also require an additional or extended driving test prior to employment.

Times Are Changing

Moreover, patrons can more easily pay for cab and transportation services than they have in the past. For years, many car services accepted cash only. Now patrons can pay with a credit card while inside the cab — and even get a receipt to prove any business expenses. Airport and hotel shuttles sometimes enable companies to include these services when they are booking your flight or room, meaning you only have to worry about the optional tip.

One in five Americans will travel for business within the next six months. Make the experience as pleasant, timely, and cost-efficient as possible. Rest assured that, today, car service costs are more than justified by the convenience and safety afforded by professional drivers. Research more like this.

Best Vacation Getaways Near Washington DC

Vacation in delaware

If you’re going on vacation in Washington DC, don’t get stuck in the city! There’s plenty to explore in the neighboring states.

Travel in Maryland and visit Ocean City. Ocean city is easily one of the best vacation spots in Maryland and makes a great beach vacation for kids and grown-ups alike. It’s home to some of the top vacation resorts in Maryland in an energetic beach town with arcades, amusement parks, shopping, go-carts and the well-known three-mile-long boardwalk.

If you’re looking for vacation resorts in Maryland aimed at adults, consider Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Cumberland. The hotel is located at the foothills of Rocky Gap State Park on a gorgeous 243-acre lake. Outdoors enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, kayaking and fishing, while everyone else can take in the recently remodeled casino bar, 10 table games and 550 slot machines.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort is a great place for an even more outdoorsy getaway with the whole family. Visitors can stay in tents, luxury cabins and RVs and enjoy a heated swimming pool, laser tag, mini golf, pedal cart racing and other activities. The resort also features playgrounds, water slides, basketball courts and horseshoe pits, so there’s something for everyone.

For those who’d prefer to bypass vacation resorts in Maryland and would rather check out vacation spots in Virginia, consider visiting Colonial Williamsburg, the largest living history museum in the world. Williamsburg stretches across 301 acres of beautifully kept historical buildings, and if the kids want to take a break from history, the museum is only a short distance away from Busch Gardens, Great Wolf Lodge and Water Country USA. Virginia features more than 1,300 hotels and motels, 450 bed and breakfasts, and 350 campgrounds, so you’ll find something to fit your needs!

For a great adventure outdoors, swing over to West Virginia for whitewater rafting in the Cheat River. Families can enjoy some of the best rapids on the east coast or take a break and do some caving, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, fishing or camping. Book one of the many hotels in the area and get in touch with West Virginia’s natural landscape.

What’s your favorite vacation spot outside DC? Let us know in the comments!

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Corporate Housing Rentals

Corporate relocation housing

National corporate housing companies offer corporate housing rentals. Basically, national corporate housing companies means that they are renting out a furnished condo, house, or apartment on a temporary basis, to corporations, individuals, or military personnel, as an alternative to a hotel or an extended hotel stay. Corporate housing and extended stay hotels are similar in accommodations in that they both offer short-term, furnished rentals. National corporate housing companies make sure that their housing offers larger square footage and full customer service when compared to extended stay hotels. They usually also cost less than hotels and are used for average stays of a month or longer.

Corporate housing offers a complete temporary housing solution while residing in a residential setting. This is often unlike extended stay hotels, which are usually surrounded by an open parking lot and are occupied by transient guests. National corporate housing companies offer full size kitchens with all needed housewares, as well as luxury furniture, bedding, and linens with their apartments. Corporate housing also has separate living, dining, and sleeping areas. National corporate housing companies offer the luxuries and amenities of a hotels but with the feeling of being comfortably at home.

One of the main reasons people stay in corporate housing is due to employee relocation. Sometimes employees arrive in their new location before they can find lodgings. Contract work is another reason that employers may need to find housing for its employees. The average stay with national corporate housing companies in 2012, was 88 nights. The corporate housing revenue in 2009 was 2.36 billion and increased to 2.47 billion in 2010, according to the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA). The corporate housing industry has been significantly growing in the lodging industry for the past 20 years. Helpful info also found here.

Three Times You Put Your Eye Health at Risk

Sunglass lenses replacement

Wearing sunglasses is important for the health of our eyes. We wear them for practical reasons like keeping the sun out of our eyes so that we can see more clearly, but they can do much more than that. If your sunglasses are scratched or broken — and since someone breaks, loses, or sits on their sunglasses every 14 seconds they probably are — getting replacement lenses for sunglasses (especially if they are polarized) can make them more protective, especially while playing these three types of sports.

Snow sports
Snow sports like snowboarding, skiiing, snow shoeing, and snowmobiling can put your eyes more at risk for sun damage. Ultra violet rays straight from the sun do damage first hand, but in a snow setting those rays also get reflected on to your eyes. If your sunglass lenses are not polarized you are not getting the most protection that you could. Sunglass lens replacement with a polarized set is better for your eyes. Keeping your eyes clear on the slopes is also important for safety issues. If you can’t see where you’re going you could collide with trees, rocks, or even other people.

Water sports
The sun’s harmful rays also reflect of off water, so if you play water sports like water skiing, surfing, boating, sailing, or swimming, you put your eyes at risk without a quality pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses that have scratches on them don’t protect your eyes as much, so you may want to replace sunglass lenses that are damaged.

Sand sports
Just as with snow and water, the sun’s rays also reflect off of sand. Whether you’re a really competitive beach volleyball player, or you like lazing about on the beach, sports in the sand can be bad for your eyes. Being out on your favorite dunes can be pretty bad for your eyes if you just have a cheap old pair, so you might want to swap those out with polarized sunglass replacement lenses. Research more like this:

Why Those Big Jackie O Sunglasses Are Good for the Health of Your Eyes

Oakley lens replacements

Those huge sunglasses Jackie Kennedy Onassis wore in the sixties have come back in a big way. Movie stars, athletes, and normal girls alike all wear those enormous glasses these days. They may make people look like flies or aliens, but when you hear the benefits of wearing massive sunglasses like that you may not be so quick to laugh at them.

Sure sunglasses keep the sun out of our eyes, but they do a lot more than that. We all know that rays from the sun are bad for our skin and can cause skin cancer, but UV rays are harmful to the eyes themselves as well. UV rays can cause discomfort and eye pain, but the results of overexposure to UV rays can be much worse. Not protecting your eyes from UV rays can result in macular degeneration which can lead to cataracts. Eyeballs and vision are not the only things at risk for damage from UV rays; the thin skin around the eye is especially susceptible to skin cancer. Those big sunglasses cover more area than thinner and smaller sunglasses, so they are much more protective. Soma is considered as a miorelaxant. This medication prevents the transmission of pain impulses to the brain. Soma should be used in combination with rest and physiotherapy for the treatment of muscle disorders.

If those sunglasses aren’t polarized though, they aren’t as protective as they could be. There are plenty of reasons to opt to get replacement sunglass lenses, but getting polarized replacement lenses is the best thing you can do for the health and safety of your eyes. Replacing sunglass lenses every few years is also a good way to ensure that your eyes are getting maximum protection. Replacement polarized lenses block out more of those harmful UV rays than any other replacement lenses for sunglasses. If you choose to get replacement sunglass lenses, you should make sure that they are polarized. References.